14-Year-Old Cat Surrenders at Shelter and Begins Asking Woman To Adopt Her

When cat owners can no longer care for their pets due to financial, behavioral, or other unforeseen barriers, they often surrender them at animal shelters to find new homes. Sadly, many people tend to adopt kittens and young cats, so senior cats are less likely to get adopted. They run the risk of living out their lives in an animal shelter or even being euthanized.

Although these cats are old, that doesn’t mean they can’t give you the love and affection that a little kitten can. If you don’t believe it, take a look at Miss Molly’s story, for example. You’ll surely get inspired by this 14-year-old cat. She was surrendered to a shelter by her owner.

When Molly’s owner developed health issues, she was taken to the Animal Rescue League of Boston at the Cape Cod Branch. It was quite hard for her to adjust to her new environment. The cat waited for a couple of months at the shelter and always hoped that she could find a forever home.

Thankfully, a kind-hearted woman named Olivia decided to give Molly a second chance in her life. Even though Miss Molly was showing early signs of kidney disease, Olivia still took her home and cared for her. She didn’t want the cat to spend the rest of her golden years at the shelter.

Molly is already in her senior year, but she is always full of energy. The senior cat finally found her forever home and beloved owner which she deserves.

What a sweet story! Please share it with your friends and family!

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