15 Fruity Nail Art Designs for 2024’s New Summer

1. Watermelon Slices

Bright green and red nails with black seeds, that look like refreshing watermelon slices.

Step by Step Video Demonstration of How to do Shellac Nails   How to do Shellac Nails at Home (Step by Step Guide) Posted onimage2. Lemon Wedges

Yellow nails with white tips, mimic lemon wedges, adding a zesty touch.

image3. Strawberry Fields

Red nails with tiny white dots and green tips, resemble strawberries.


5. Kiwi Delight

Green nails with black seeds and white centers mimic a sliced kiwi.

image6. Pineapple Punch

Yellow nails with green diamond patterns create a pineapple effect.

image7. Blueberry Bliss

Dark blue nails with small light blue dots resemble blueberries.

image8. Cherry Charm

Red nails with small green stems look like pairs of cherries.

image9. Grape Bunches

Purple nails with clusters of small dots create grape bunches.

image10. Apple Accents

Red nails with a white bottom curve and a green leaf on top look like apples.

image11. Banana Stripes

Yellow nails with curved black lines mimic banana peels.


image12. Mango Magic

Bright orange nails with soft red gradients look like ripe mangoes.

image13. Peach Perfection

Light orange nails with a slight pink blush resemble peaches.

image14. Coconut Dreams

White nails with brown edges mimic a cracked coconut.

image15. Dragon Fruit

White nails with black dots and pink edges look like dragon fruit.

image16. Raspberry Ripple

Red nails with small bumps and darker red tips resemble raspberries.

image17. Lime Zest

Light green nails with white lines create a fresh lime look.

image18. Pomegranate Passion

Red nails with tiny black seeds and a white outline look like pomegranate seeds.

image19. Blackberry Beauty

Dark purple nails with light purple dots mimic blackberries.

image20. Papaya Paradise

Orange nails with black seeds and green ends look like papaya slices.

image21. Grapefruit Glow

Pink nails with white segments and yellow tips resemble grapefruits.

image22. Plum Perfect

Dark purple nails with a lighter center look like plums.

image23. Fig Fantasy

Purple nails with tiny pink seeds and a light center resemble figs.

image24. Avocado Love

Green nails with dark centers and a brown dot in the middle mimic avocado slices.

image25. Passion Fruit

Yellow nails with black dots and a pink outline resemble passion fruit.

image26. Melon Madness

Green nails with pink centers and black seeds look like melons.


image27. Apricot Bliss

Light orange nails with a slight blush and a small brown dot look like apricots.

image28. Cranberry Crush

Red nails with tiny black dots resemble cranberries.

image29. Starfruit Style

Yellow nails with star-shaped green outlines mimic starfruit.

image30. Lychee Luxury

White nails with a red, bumpy texture resemble lychees.

image31. Mulberry Magic

Dark purple nails with lighter purple dots mimic mulberries.

image32. Cherry Tomato

Red nails with tiny green leaves look like cherry tomatoes.

image33. Gooseberry Glam

Light green nails with white veins resemble gooseberries.


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