30+ Earthy & Ambitious Nail Designs for Capricorns

Capricorn nails let you show off your zodiac sign in a stylish way. They often feature earthy colors and cool symbols like stars or a goat, which is the sign for Capricorn. It’s a fun way to add a personal touch to your look.

For these designs, stick to dark greens, browns, or blacks and maybe add some sparkle to make them stand out. They’re perfect for everyday wear or for dressing up on special occasions.

Getting Capricorn-themed nails typically costs between $30 and $70, depending on how fancy you get. Coming up, I’ll share 30 neat ideas for Capricorn nail art that are sure to match your style and budget.

1. Capricorn Season


Welcome to your season, Capricorns! You can mark this season with some creative and striking nails, so everyone will know your sign when they see your nails. The red color combined with silver details will help you with that. The length will add to that too.

2. Brown Capricorn


Long brown nails in combination with black will certainly attract attention and remain striking. You can write the number of your age or birth year in black color. Top it all off with a few zircons to complete the look.

3. Golden Nails


Golden color combined with silver and white. These nails are shorter in length, but still neat and beautiful. The length is decent and the colors are combined so that they easily attract attention. Draw your zodiac sign and add a few stars next to it and you’ve got a beautiful look.

4. Butterflies


If you are looking for some more striking nails that easily catch the eye, you have found them. These long nails in a combination of white and silver will be a hit for all of you who like to be noticed. The butterflies on these nails add a lot to the look and we believe many will like it. Draw your zodiac sign on one nail tip and mark it with silver glitter.

5. Baby Pink


Capricorns really like attention, don’t they? These nails will allow you to do that. Zircons, chains, Saturn planets and the full name of your zodiac sign cannot go unnoticed. In combination with white and baby pink colors, they will perfectly match and complement each other.

6. Black Nails


If you are looking for nails that look a little luxurious, you can use this idea and suggestion. The black color with silver details gives a luxurious nightlife vibe. Another variation with butterfly detailing that goes perfectly with the rest of the look. You can use the full word of your sign or you can add a symbol.

7. Simple Nails


If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on making some special nails, a great idea is to stick to simplicity and classics, like these nails from the photo. If you wish, you can add a transparent gel over the nail as a base or a gel of a weaker color, so that the black color can be expressed even better. In the middle of each nail, write one letter of your sign.

8. Purple Nails


A deep white French in combination with purple details is another set of nails that will attract a variety of looks. In this combination, you can insert your year of birth, your initials and your sign.

9. Deep French


Deep French brown color combined with gold letters. In this combination, you can add some important information such as date of birth, year, sign in letters and sign as a symbol. All of this can be a good attention grabber, and it can also inspire someone to do nails like yours.

10. Cherry Nails


Strawberries cherries and an angel’s kiss in spring…  these nails reminded us of Lana Del Rey’s song. These nails are interesting and have a lot of very striking details. Combinations of different colors that have nothing to do with each other add to the look but still work well together.

11. Snakes And Glitter


Snakes and glitter – a fantastic duo. Nails that take a little longer to do, but when you finish them, you will get a very good result. You can always add details of your choice, you can also on your nails, and you can also in the form of jewellery.

12. Pastel Nails


Pastel colors are always an indispensable part when it comes to choosing colors. Recently, pastel colors have spread everywhere and are in high demand. With these pastel colors, you can combine golden color, because that golden color will come to the fore.

13. Silver French


A shiny silver French is a good choice for all people who like simpler nails. For the base, you can take a transparent gel so that the design on it is better expressed. A simple design featuring stars, constellations and sign symbols.

14. Velvet Shine


If the ordinary purple color is too strong for you, but you still like it, you can use a lighter shade, i.e. velvet shade. With that combination, you can add white color and some interesting shades of details.

15. Pink Zodiac


A baby boomer in a slightly different form. On this base, draw the symbols you want to have on your nails with a thin brush and grey paint. This combination can be shiny or matte.

16. Blue Winter


Blue is a symbol of winter. You can also use this color for your zodiac sign this month. You can symbolize your time best with blue color. Silver goes well with blue because it can also be used as a winter color.

17. Capricorn


You don’t always have to express the symbol of your sign through that zodiac sign, but you can also draw the true meaning of it, as it was done in this photo. A real goat is drawn and we think it is one of the more creative ways.

18. Stars & Signs


Stars are something that is associated with the horoscope and zodiac signs. The first association with the zodiac is stars and constellations. You can add beads to those stars. This design is one of the gentler and more neutral ones. The symbols of your sign are drawn on the nails.

19. Pinky Stuff


These soft colors and these adorable hearts can be yours in a few steps. These nails are irresistible. You can add the letters of your sign in a softer shade of color. You choose the length and shape of your nails.

20. Ocean Blue


Ocean blue nails that have star and Capricorn symbols are a beautiful design and the color is very unusual and striking. Always choose colors that suit you and that you like, and we think that this color will appeal to many. Interesting additions are stars that are more like pendants on the nail.

21. Animal Print


You can always add an animal print to your nails if you run out of ideas. This ombre made of grey and black is very interesting and looks elegant and bold. In order to achieve an even more expensive and luxurious look, you can add symbols of some brands.

22. White


The white base is the ideal base for any designs you want to draw over. This photo is an indication of that. Another variant of the constellations and stars and the zodiac. Simple and attractive.

23. Dark Blue


A very dark deep blue color on which the glitters are very visible and noticeable. This color combination is too elegant and will go well with long evening dresses and elegant dates. These nails are very easy to make.

24. Simple Short Nail


If you are looking for a simple variant that you can quickly create without excess time, effort and skill, you are in the right place. These nails are of natural length and you can create simple designs on them with the help of thin brushes.

25. Black And White


The most famous classic – the black-and-white version. You will never go wrong with this choice and these nails will always be able to be combined with all outfits. On one nail, use a thin brush to draw your sign in black, while the background is white, and you can do the opposite, it depends on which color you prefer.

26. Matte Nails


If you’re more into nails that don’t shine, these matte nails are for you. They contain some additional symbols that are not directly related to your zodiac, you can add your sign anywhere because it will fit perfectly everywhere.

27. Dior Baby


Another variant of more luxurious nails is Dior nails. The Dior print on the nails can suit everyone who likes it, and it especially reminds us of the well-known Barbie mania.

28. Zodiac Pendants


You can break up the brown color with white paint and thus get a nice presentation and pleasant appearance of the nails. If you don’t like the idea of drawing or writing your zodiac sign, you can attach it as a pendant to your nails. It’s an interesting way to present your horoscope.

29. Natural Nails


Natural-looking nail with natural length and pink neutral color. With this pink color, you can add symbols with silver or gold color, thinly drawn on the nail’s surface. You choose the colors of your choice, and these nails don’t take much time.

30. Sun, Moon & Zodiac Signs


All the symbols on these nails are related to the horoscope. From the moon, through the stars, to the zodiac sign itself. The simple gold color and the dark French blue blend beautifully together.

31. Bday Nails


Nails in different shades of brownish color that pull on nude shades. Write the number of years you are filling and add your sign and enjoy. You can write numbers in different fonts, and the best color for that is white. These nails are very beautiful and attractive, so you can easily match them with your outfit combinations.

Capricorn nails are a fun and stylish way to show off your zodiac sign. You can keep it simple with natural colors or add a bit of glitter; there’s a design that fits your style and budget. Dive into these cool ideas and find the perfect Capricorn nail look that lets you express yourself and stand out.

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