30+ Easter Nail Designs That Effortlessly Blend Pastel Shades and Adorable Bunnies

With Easter just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your nail art for the holiday! Pastels and Easter motifs are always popular choices that reflect the colors and symbols of the spring season. In today’s blog post, I’ll be sharing 30 fresh Easter nail art ideas to inspire your manicure this year.

Easter nail designs are a fun way to get into the spirit of the holiday. Subtle pastel colors like pink, yellow, or blue are always staple options that will complement any Easter outfit. Adding designs like Easter eggs, bunnies, flowers, or crosses with nail tape, decals or hand-painting can really make your nails stand out. Accent nails with glitter or metallic polishes also help your Easter nails pop. Another creative option is to paint different Easter-themed designs on each nail for an eclectic manicure.

So get ready to hop into spring with these 30 nail ideas perfect for Easter and the spring season! Now let’s get started with the first nail design idea…

1. Bright Nails


Nails that do not require too much time to do, and will attract attention and curious looks. For the base, we suggest bright green and yellow colours (or even blue, red, orange etc etc., depending on what you like the most of course), and on two or more nails, depending on how many you want, make small bunnies.

2. Cute Decorations


How sweet! These nails are adorable. French of different colours with small black dots, under which there are adorable symbols of this most beautiful holiday. It’s that simple, yet irresistible. You definitely can’t go wrong with a design like this! If the colourful French is too much for you, we recommend that you make a plain white French which is always in fashion and add these small decorations in the form of adorable Easter motifs.

3. Cute Bunny


Similar to the colourful French from the photo above, colourful nails with black dots that are unevenly distributed on the nails are also one of the more beautiful suggestions. To break up the standard nail pattern, you can add a white bunny to one of them for an adorable combination.

4. Colourful Flowers


If Miley Cyrus can buy herself flowers, you can give yourself a beautiful flower nail design, right? She dominated with the song, and so can you with the nails. For the base, a transparent or at least light pink gel is ideal, and you can paint the flowers in your favourite colours.

5. Butterflies


If you have extra free time and you don’t know what to spend it on and you need new nails, this example is an ideal opportunity to use it. This kind of nail design requires a little more time than usual because the nails are quite decorated and have a lot of beautiful details. The butterfly can be gold or silver, but we suggest that it should be silver because it goes better with the rest of the decoration than gold. Butterflies are heralds of spring, so these nails can also be spring nails.

6. Little Baby Chicken


Pastel blue colour is a gentle and beautiful colour that contains a special charm. And if you add an adorable smiling chick to that gentle colour, we believe that every day will be brightened up at least a little bit. All you need is a thin brush to draw the decoration.

7. Pink Flowers


Another in a series of decorations with black dots only in a different colour. If you prefer pink colour, this picture will be a perfect opportunity for inspiration. Flowers in darker and lighter shades of pink are a beautiful way to mark the arrival of spring or the holidays.

8. Cube French

French on square nails, if you are tired of the classic French on almond nails. These nails are more attractive for a decent-looking nail because of their length and are ideal if you are new to nail art because you can better protect them from cracking. Adorable carrots and bunnies will add to the look.

9. Shy Bunnies

Shy bunnies, that’s what I call them because they’re only half-drawn. They are irresistible in different colours and transparent gel as a base will be an ideal opportunity to make the bunnies stand out better because these colours are best highlighted by transparent gel. They do not require any special skill in nail art.

10. Pink-purple Bunny Nails

Slightly longer nails for lovers of longer nails and bright colours. This kind of nail design and colour will go best with a denim outfit and if you have colourful rings, it would be even more complete and beautiful. These types of nails stand out easily because of their colour and shape. Don’t forget a denim jacket when taking photos, just like in this picture.

11. Minimalist Flowers

Simple flowers that don’t even take half an hour to draw. Don’t forget a thin brush and pastel colours. The base can also be light pink. For all lovers of minimalism and those who do not like to be noticed so much, this is a good example. Choose the length and shape of your nails yourself. Silver or colourful rings are an ideal decoration.

12. Chocolate Bunnies

Not a single Easter goes anywhere without the well-known chocolate bunnies. If you don’t have enough of them in the physical world, you can add them to your nails in a creative way. Keep your chocolate friends always with you, even after you’ve eaten them.

13. Lillies

Although lilies are white-pink, this does not always have to be the case. You can change the appearance of the lily to a green and white colour which is a beautiful combination. If you wish, you can add a cross as the main symbol of this holiday. The purple colour is beautiful, but you can also choose a cross in your favourite colour.

14. Pastel Bunnies

Pastel colours have been gaining traction lately, and to be honest, for good reason. Pastel colours are beautiful and carry a special tenderness, they do not look aggressive in the least, and they can also be considered minimalistic colours. If you prefer matte nails, pastel colours in matte shades are also wonderful.

15. Colourful Pastel Nails

Colourful pastel colours with barely visible symbols, unless you prefer bright colours. These symbols are drawn in silver, or they are probably stickers that shine through depending on the light. The symbols do not necessarily have to be related to this holiday, but the nail colour itself can represent the spirit of the holiday or spring.

16. Natural Looking Nails

These nails give off a natural nail look due to their length, shape and transparent gel. If your job prevents you from having long offensive nails, you can follow this example to maintain a natural look that is not conspicuous but remain groomed and feel beautiful. Small details on the nails contribute to a beautiful and pleasant look.

17. Aqua-blue Nails

This colour is a shade between turquoise and aqua blue, and you decide for yourself which one you lean more towards. In any case, whatever shade it is for you, we’ll agree that it’s eye-catching and cute. Black dots that are of the same shape and thickness contribute to the eye-catchingness of these nails, along with bunny sketches. To help attract attention, add one nail of a different colour.

18. Flashy Nails

Similar nails to the ones from before. You would say from this that Easter is a holiday of colourful colours, isn’t it? We believe that it is one of the happiest Christian holidays, so it would be a good time to celebrate it colourfully and in beautiful colours, as well as in a good mood. Little white bunnies will add to the look.

19. Sleepy Bunny

A sleeping bunny decorated with flowers is both the harbinger of spring and the harbinger of this holiday. We will agree that it is too cute and that the white colour is the most ideal for this kind of bunny display. You can do the ears in the colour of the other nails, and the choice of colour is up to you.

20. Almond Shaped Nails

White bunny goes best on backgrounds that are brightly coloured. We haven’t posted one of the main symbols of this holiday before, namely Easter eggs. Easter eggs can be of different colours on the nails, as in reality. Black dots on them can be an optional choice.

21. Faceless Bunnies

This nail design can also fall under the category of minimalist nails. Bring a little joy and sunshine into your every day, especially on such a joyful holiday. A simple design that does not require a lot of time and skill.

22. Carrots

We are sure that some bunny would love these nails, will you be that bunny? If you are a bit bored of nail designs with bunnies, you can make a “synonym” for them in the form of carrots. We are sure that these nails caught everyone’s eye because of the intensity of the colour and the adorable style.

23. Chickens In Love

Two cutest chickens in love. If you have a lover, this is one of the cute ways to present it. These two chickens can represent the two of you and can also be one of the symbols of Easter. The combination of red and orange goes well together.

24. Anime Nails

A purple colour like this is another name for anime. You can, instead of a regular bunny, add some of the rabbit anime characters to break up the standard design. A great idea is to paint the egg that this bunny is holding a lighter shade of purple for balance.

25. Colourful Dots

If you are not too keen on a complex nail design and if you don’t have too much time, but still prefer your nails to look beautiful and natural, we advise you to do something like the nails from the photo. Transparent gel covered with colourful dots is also a way to present this holiday in a way, without too much-wasted material.

26. Baby Blues

A longer version of nails in baby blue and baby pink, with white dots. A simple way to express your simplicity and elegance. Nails like this can be the first choice for your first spring nails, but they can also represent any other season.

27. Thumper


I don’t think a single post can go without well-known Disney heroes. This time, in anticipation of the most beautiful holiday, the well-known character from the Bambi cartoon, the bunny Thumper, is with us. This irresistible, adorable bunny that we all love so much can be found on your nails in just a few steps. Accompanied by blue and pink colours, it will be a real decoration on your nails.

28. Pointed Nails


For lovers of long pointed nails, we have selected these interesting nails. They are colourful with details of flowers in eye-catching colours. If we all agree, they give off some unicorn vibes, most likely due to the combination of colours that resemble a unicorn’s tail.

29. Baby Chickens Are Born


As the title and picture suggest, baby chicks have been born. In a colourful edition and still in eggshells, these irresistible chickens will bring a smile to the face of every curious eye. They are easy to make.

30. Pink Bunnies


Pink nails with glitter and bunny ears – an easy way to decorate your nails. Nails that shine will attract attention. Almond nail shape is something you can never go wrong with. Although they are in the penultimate place, we will say that they are no less beautiful than the other nails and that they deserve to be on our list.

31. Zoo Nails


In last place, but still adorable. These adorable animals are some of the main guardians of zoos around the world. If you add bunny ears to them, they will surely become Easter decorations. This is something I would do in the future, without thinking.

This collection is full of fun and creative Easter nail designs. From simple pastel colors to elaborate painted art, there are so many options to channel the bright hues and springtime motifs of the season. I hope these ideas have inspired your perfect manicure to celebrate Easter this year. Let me know your favorite designs in the comments! Wishing you a very Happy Easter.

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