30+ Eye-Catching Dark Hued Goth Nails to Embrace Your Inner Darkness

Dark and dramatic goth nail art is having a major moment right now. This edgy style is perfect for those who want to make a statement and show off their daring sense of style. Gothic nail designs are all about mixing dark colors like black, deep purples, blood reds, and metallic silvers to create an eye-catching look. From intricate coffin shapes to bold matte blacks, there are so many different ways to rock the goth nail trend.

In today’s blog post, I’ll be sharing 30 insanely cool goth nail ideas and design inspirations. You’ll find creative takes on classic gothic elements like crosses, spiders, and vampire bites. I’ll also suggest tips on how to get the goth look at home without spending a fortune at the salon. This is one nail art trend that is ideal for DIY with things like striping tape, rhinestones, and temporary tattoos.

So get ready to embrace your dark side! Keep reading for 30 wickedly good gothic nail designs that will add some chilling style to your look.

1. Snakes


Impressive snakes on black matte nails look irresistible. Not only is this nail art fantastically done, but it’s also a great idea. It is not too eccentric, but at the same time, it is noticeable. We could call this goth minimalism!

2. Black Moon And The Smoke


This black moon with elements of dark smoke gives the impression of some dark, mysterious forest. These nails can hide great secrets, as well as various mysticisms…

3. Black Hearts


These cute black hearts with red extra details (like some glitter?) look so irresistible. They are done like a deep french and the way they are done is so inspiring. Why not try it?

4. Skulls & Swords


This cool design takes the last place on our list, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good enough. Nail design is very demanding and requires special skills and a lot of time, but every effort is worth it. These nails will not go unnoticed, because of their colors and because of all the decorations they contain.

5. Claws With Silver Details


“Claws” as people call them. A beautiful design that requires a little more material in the form of zircons, silver details and small objects that you will put on the nail as decoration. The black color predominates, but you can break it up with different colored nails, to achieve a noticeable effect. We are sure that you will not go wrong with this choice, it will be extremely appreciated among goth people!

6. Vampire Dreams


Recently, the well-known “vampire” nails have become a trend. It’s a simple mix of red and black in a million different ways, and you can do a lot of them yourself at home, without the help of a nail artist. These vampire nails have an accessory in the form of black zircons.

7. Death Note


People often call nails like this black swan, probably inspired by the ballet “Swan Lake”. Due to the black details of the feathers and the black material on one of the nails, it gives the impression of the famous Odile from the most famous ballet. If you like the idea, feel free to use it as inspiration.

8. Three Colours


A combination of three colors that go well together can be found on your nails. Black, silver and pink. Although pink is unusual for goth people, it can easily blend in and create a good contrast. This photo is a real example of that. This design can easily be called reverse French.

9. Bl00dy Nails


A real scene of Halloween on your nails in a few steps. You will need a little more material to pour the nails, but the design itself does not require too much skill. If you make a mistake, you can easily correct that mistake, because the “blood” does not have to be evenly distributed on the nails. You can choose a background for the photo like this girl did with a knife and a skull.

10. All Silver


These nails look so expensive, don’t they? For all the goth girls with a luxurious taste, this is a real sample of nails that you need to do. The silver color contributes to the appearance and to being noticed, and all the other little things just add to the completeness of the look. This color goes well with black outfits.

11. Small Vampires


“Vampire” nails in red and black are with us again. These two colors flow into each other and create a perfect nail look. You choose the length and shape yourself, but in any case, regardless, they will be noticed because they have two very strong colors. If you find rings of the same color, you get a full score.

12. Golden Spider Web


The spider’s web is an eternal symbol of darkness and goth style. Not a single outfit is complete without a spider web, why should nails? If the black color is too much for you, you can make the spider’s web in a slightly different way in gold and thus make a nice difference and get out of the monotony.

13. Pokemon Nails


Adorable Pokemon matte nails. They can be great for all styles, not just goth. The symbols of fire and black color are a perfect match because a fire on a black background looks striking and beautiful. We are sure that the nails will be liked by everyone who sees them.

14. Pink SpiderGIRL


Spider web again, but in a very different and sweeter way. Pink and white color with silver zirconia accessories. Awaken that spidergirl in you with these nails and let it shine, and in return, you’ll get noticed and we’re sure everyone will love it. The colors go beautifully with this nail shape.

15. Darkness


Elegant black nails with a pointed almond shape. The black color goes to a little more than half of the nail, so it leaves room for the nail to be a natural transparent color, which stops the all-black monotone color.

16. Bl00Dy And Transparent


The mix of pale red color with transparent nails at the tips will surely get noticed among all the passers-by and your friends. The design does not require too much time, all you need is an additional brush with which you will pour these “bumps” that are transparent, yet noticeable. When you add silver details to all that, you get a beautiful look.

17. Cherry Rose


A beautiful beautiful beautiful matte cherry color on your nails with tiny black details that shine through. A combination of two different techniques that are beautiful together. With these nails, a black outfit and red lipstick in the color of the nails will look ideal.

18. Cute Friends


Adorable little friends for Halloween. Even though Halloween has passed, the next one will be here very quickly because time has flown too fast these last few years. Always be prepared in advance. These adorable creatures will take you a couple of hours and require you to be able to draw. Arm yourself with patience, brushes, nail tools and various paints!

19. Bloody Red


Be that girl. Wear your black & red marble goth nails like a weapon. Such nails exude a certain sensuality, attractiveness and femininity. They are very attractive, and the silver accessories on them add to the look because they remind of some mystery.

20. Grey Spidey


Dark Spiderman vibes. Don’t they give that impression? These nails can be a great idea for Halloween, but also, if you are a fan of gothic style, we think they would be indispensable for you. The details on their tops like bits of little chains are an absolute fantasy!

21. Handmade Spider Web


Black and white spider webs are beautiful. It’s fantastic that both hands are of different colors, and the colors of the webs are the opposite colors of the color on the nail so that the impression of the absolute art of the nail artist who created such a masterpiece is achieved. These nails are beautiful but also unique, they are not seen that much but they definitely should be!

22. Simple Nails


When you think it can’t get any better when it comes to goth nails – black ombre comes next! It can also be called a dark baby boomer. This technique is fantastic and looks perfect on these hands. All shades of black are present in this picture, and for its lovers, these nails will be a dream!

23. Maroon Colour


Blood red color. So passionate, so morbid, but so beautiful and alluring. Ideal for Halloween, but also your everyday goth style. The more rings, the better, and a black outfit that you would wear with the color of these nails would completely complete the perfect goth look!

24. Portal Nails


Long dark nails with interesting details. Isn’t this dark ash color beautiful? It’s not completely black, but it’s darker and gives the impression you want + grey “witch” details are an absolute must-have on nails like this!


Stiletto nails are very famous in the goth world. They are mostly indispensable, which adds to their popularity, but doesn’t this kind of nail shape go well with such a wonderful color? We think so! With all that, if you’re a Venom fan, maybe these details remind you of the monster from the famous film of the same name…?


Shiny spider web details with a small addition of matte nails can brighten your mood. These lovely nails are a fantastic shape and can be worn with a 100% assumption that you will be attracting a lot of looks!


Don’t these nails look like they’re splattered with blood? We assume that this is their charm! Black and red are the colors of morbidity, so you can’t go wrong with them. With all that, the coffin shape of these nails is absolutely what completes this nail art!

28. Human Centipede


Do you perhaps remember the famous horror movie Human Centipede? What if we tell you that maybe these black details on the nails are modelled on the poster of the movie of the same name? It can be! These black details can symbolize the trapped souls of ghosts, or maybe something else entirely. What is your opinion?

29. Stars Everywhere


If you ask us what we see in our magic ball right now, we predict that nails like these would blow your mind if you did them… you might even come back to their designs more than once. Astrology, numbers and stars… if you are a fan of all these, why not try something like this?

30. Ghosts


These little ghosts may look cute, but they may be just a trick. Maybe their real purpose is to look a bit scary. In any case, with black color, they achieve a slightly scarier effect, and with such long nails, we are sure that the goth effect is fully achieved!

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