30+ Ghost Nail Art Designs to Give Your Look a Spooky Touch

Get ready ghouls and ghosts, it’s time for some spooky nail art! Ghost nails are going to be haunting fingertips this Halloween season. This fun and festive nail design features opaque white base coats with ghost shapes floating across nails. The ghosts themselves can be done in many different styles – simple oval shapes, more detailed ghosts with eyes, or even ghost heads. Their transparent or translucent appearance makes them look like they’re floating above the nails.

Ghost nails are a great way to get your nails in the spirit for Halloween. They are pretty easy to DIY at home with some basic nail polish colors and tools. All you need is a white base, blacks and grays for ghost details, and a steady hand or striping brush to paint them on. The ghosts can be as simple or as detailed as you want. Place them randomly across different nails so they look like they’re floating around. Ghost nails are a spooky and stylish choice that both kids and adults will love for Halloween events, parties, and trick-or-treating. Keep reading for 25+ fun ghost nail ideas and design variations to try this season!

1. Cute Ghost Nails


Try out this warm-toned orange nail polish shade and decorate it with a couple of cute ghosts. These nails are going to look so good for the fall season and when you’re trying to look like a delicate lady.

2. Short Ghost Nails


Short ghost nails such as these are going to look the best on those who prefer low maintenance and simplicity. If you’re a fan of everyday manicure ideas and you want to find something easy to recreate and do, these are for you. You can grow them within a couple of weeks and you can show them off in their short and sweet web and ghost design duo.

3. Black Ghost Nails


These black ghost nails are retro and playful, often worn by ladies who like the solar system, the sun, and the moon. If you’re someone who likes nail art and you want a drastic nail print on top of your dark-colored base, these will suit you. Go for this semi-oval shape and enjoy its practicality and style.

4. Halloween Ghost Nails


Some women love to go all out and some women love brighter colors. If you’re a fan of wild patterns and you enjoy creative pieces, this is for you. You might struggle with these nail stickers as you might not find them in all the stores, but your nail artist is going to have your back covered in this case.

5. Oval Ghost Nails


This oval white manicure with a funny ghost design is very stylish and cute. If you want to wear your nails in simpler nude or beige shades, these are for you. Simply spice up the design by adding this white ghost print and draw on top of your nails to get this cartoon outcome. Don’t forget to add realistic eyes as well to round up the concept.

6. Ghost Nails Acrylic


Super long and dramatic ghost nails such as these are going to look so good when done as long and fierce acrylics. Try out this black base with bright orange flower prints to round up the look of dramatic ghost or fall season, or Halloween nails, if you will.

7. Purple Ghost Nails


Purple ghost acrylic nails are for those who enjoy subtle pops of color. Do you love to go all out and enjoy nail ideas that others don’t have? If you’re someone who likes nail art and you’re ready to express your true feminine side, these will suit you. Make sure that you invest around two hours when initially getting them.

8. Almond Ghost Nails


Light purple almond nails with glitter and web patterns are going to suit most women. If you enjoy nail art and creativity and you’re a fan of subtle feminine colors, these are going to suit you. The oval or almond shape is not too hard to break or crack, which is why you’re going to enjoy it for everyday wear.

9. Cute Ghost Nail Designs


Short nails with several ghost elements and ghost nail art will emphasize your love for creativity and your love for unique ideas. You can try out different colors per each nail and enjoy its multi-colored design. Who says that ghost nail art has to look scary? In fact, these nails are going to look so creative and retro.

10. Ghost Nails Acrylic Manicure


Bright purple ghost nails with subtle nail art are for women who want to draw on top of their light base. You can add some cute black-and-white details to create a fun story to tell. If you’re in your twenties and you enjoy fun and inspiring nail creations, these will suit you. Stick to the coffin shape to enjoy its elegance and effortless beauty.

11. Ghost Nails Nail Art


You can easily achieve this manicure with only three colors: black, white, and beige. If you want to draw on top of your clear base and you have hours to spare in order to get a design that suits your character and style, this is for you. These nails will take you 2 hours to achieve, but they are worth it when done properly and with a skilled hand.

12. Halloween Ghost Nails Print


Halloween ghost nails with pops of black, white, and orange are the best nails for the fall season and for this season. If you’re someone who likes retro and funky nail art + you feel like doing fun and beautiful nail art, this is for you. Make sure that you invest the right time, tools, and patience to achieve the exact same result that you’re going to love, no matter your age.

13. Ghost Nails For Women


You should book the best nail tech you know of when it comes to these nails. They are feminine and flirty, as well as one of a kind. Anyone who is in their twenties will like this manicure. You should invest several hours and a significant amount of money when doing these nails. Don’t rush the process and enjoy the magic, since you’ll probably be wearing these nails for a couple of weeks.

14. Acrylic Ghost Nail Designs


These black acrylic ghost nails are going to look so good when done in this style and size. If you prefer black and white or black and grey nail art, you’re going to fall for this manicure. It is long and gorgeous, often worn to Halloween parties and other type of similar events. If you want longer nails and you’re ready to attract looks and attention, you will like this mani.

15. Simple And Short Ghost Nails


Even shorter nails can look like a cute idea and a statement piece. If you know how to shape and style your nails on your own, this is a manicure worth considering. You should have several ghost nail stickers that you can glue and place on top of your base. These nails will suit workaholic women or women who want something easy to recreate and maintain. These won’t crack, peel, or break + you’re going to feel like such an innovative person when wearing them.

16. Long And Quirky Ghost Nails


You should do these long acrylics only if you’re someone who likes dramatic and outgoing pieces. Women who prefer funky nail tips and those who wish to say goodbye to simple French manicures will enjoy this design. Don’t forget to add these cool and realistic eye patterns to recreate this funny ghost look.

17. Orange Ghost Nails


Orange is the ultimate fall color and is an amazing shade that you can never go wrong with. Draw these small and sweet ghost nail prints on top and enjoy the fact that not a lot of people are going to have nails similar to yours. Go for chrome or glitter on top if you’re someone who likes festive and powerful creations.

18. Ghost Nails Short Manicure


This short brown ghost manicure is going to look so good when done with simple nail lines and nail art. If you prefer elegance and you want short and practical nails that you can wear for everyday moments, these will suit you. Go for a high gloss top coat and just know that these nails can withstand loads of different events, gatherings, and occasions. They are resistant to almost anything.

19. Colorful Ghost Nails


Color each one of your nails differently and enjoy this manicure for your next special occasion or party. If you are in your twenties and you’re looking for a vibrant nail design that you want to show off, why not this beauty? Enjoy the pop of unique elements and show off your creativity.

20. Glitter Ghost Nails


Ghost nails remain a fascinating enigma in the world of the paranormal. While there are various theories and explanations, the true nature of this phenomenon remains elusive. Do you want to look different with them?

21. Ghost Nails With Nail Art


With Halloween approaching or just a desire for some unique and mysterious nail art, ghost nails are the perfect way to add an otherworldly touch to your manicure. These ethereal designs range from cute and playful to eerie and haunting. What is going to be your pick?

22. Ghost Nails Acrylic Manicure Idea


Whether you’re going for cute or eerie, you can add unique touches to your ghosts. Some ideas include bowties, hats, accessories, or even ghostly auras around them. Get creative!

23. Cute Ghost Nails Idea


Dip the end of a detailing brush or a toothpick into white nail polish and create two large dots for the eyes. Allow them to dry. Then, using a black nail polish or nail art pen, carefully draw mouths, eyebrows, and any other details you like to give your ghost’s personality.

24. Long Pink Ghost Acrylic Nails


If you’ve made any mistakes or smudges, use a small brush or a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover to clean up your nails for a polished finish. If you enjoy longer nails and you want something trendy and quirky, why not this look?

25. Black Ghost Nails With Flowers


Your ghost nails are now ready to impress! Share your manicure on social media or wear it proudly to your next Halloween party or spooky-themed event. These will come in handy for loads of different parties, gatherings, events, and age groups.

26. Gold Ghost Nails With Glitter


Whether you opt for cute and charming ghosts or eerie and haunting ones, these ghostly designs are sure to turn heads and spark conversations. This is why you’re going to enjoy this manicure which is done with all the sparks and glitters!

27. Ghost Nails Neon Abyss


Using an opaque white nail polish, carefully apply two coats to your nails. Allow each coat to dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step. This will create a solid, ghostly canvas for your design. This neon green manicure is going to look so trendy and is an incredible design for most ladies.

28. Long Coffin Ghost Nails


Create cute or sinister pumpkins on your nails using orange and green nail polish. For a spooky touch, paint intricate spider webs with a black base and silver or white webs. Finish off the look with an adorable ghostly figure with white nail polish and black eyes and mouths.

Ghost nails are a hauntingly stylish choice for Halloween nail art. Their spectral shapes floating over clean white bases capture the season’s spooky vibe. With so many ghostly design options, you can easily DIY this fun look at home. Ghost nails will have your nails looking boo-tifully festive!

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