30+ Gorgeous Pearl Nail Art Designs: A Little Luxurious at Your Fingertips

Pearl nail art is really taking off. Why? Because it’s like wearing precious little gems right on your fingertips. It’s fun, feminine, and gives a luxurious feel to your look. Just like pearl necklaces and earrings have been fashion favorites for ages, pearls are now making waves in the world of nail art.

What’s cool about pearl nail art is it fits everyone’s style. If you like to keep things simple, you might go for one little pearl on each nail. But if you love to go all out, why not try a nail covered in pearls? That’s the beauty of this trend – it’s super flexible.

People are choosing pearl nail art because it makes them feel special and stand out in a crowd. It’s an easy way to add a little sparkle to your everyday look. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to sparkle?

As we go through over 30 pearl nail art ideas below, remember, each design is like a piece of art. It’s about showing off your unique style. So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the fun and fancy world of pearl nail art. You’re going to love it!

1. Nude Base Pearl Nail Art


Short and sweet pearl nail art such as this one is often worn by brides. If you love elegant French nails but with a twist – this is for you.

2. Coffin Pearl Nail Art


Try out a beige manicure and show off this gorgeous clear base. Throw some pearls and gemstones on top to get this elegance. If you love pearl details and diamonds, this manicure is perfect for you.

3. Floral Pearl Nail Art


Pearl nail art when combined with this gorgeous pink shade is going to attract a lot of looks. If pink is your favorite color, why not go for it?!

4. Purple Pearl Nail Art


A light purple manicure with little pearly details all over is for ladies who want to look feminine and formal at the same time. Try out this coffin shape and especially book this design for the spring season.

5. Nails With Pearls And Diamonds


You should decorate your beige or white base with some gorgeous golden elements on top. Ladies who love to draw art and make unique designs will fall for this look. Combine several golden leaf details and rock golden jewelry to make the look stand out.

6. White Pearl Nails


For some women – more is more! Are you one of those ladies? If you prefer big and grandiose designs and you want to go all out with your pearls, this is exactly it!

7. Pearl Gel Nails


Blue French ombré manicure with pearly details is the perfect go-to for the summertime period. Embrace your little mermaid vibe by recreating these blue and gold beauties.

8. Almond Pearl Nail Art


These pearl nails are often worn by ambitious brides who love that elegant look. If you like longer manicures and you prefer almond shapes we know that you’re going to find these nails truly romantic.

9. French Pearl Nail Art


Try out this French manicure for your everyday wear, but spice it up with some pearl elements. You will love this manicure for your office moments.

10. Nails With Pearls


A light beige and nude base such as this one is formal and soft. Ladies who love clean aesthetics and those who fancy simpler looks might gravitate toward this one.

11. Acrylic French Pearl Nail Art


Almond shape manicures and sweet little pearl details will make you look like an actual princess. If you’re a fan of ladylike creations and you want something extravagant – this is it.

12. Blue Pearl Nail Art Design


Try out a light blue French nail tip, but give it a twist with a couple of pearl details. Ladies who love round manicures and those who enjoy everyday nails will fall for this look.

13. Blue Coffin Pearl Nail Art


Light blue design with pearly details can’t go unnoticed. If you love nail art and you want to do something on your own – this is what we recommend.

14. Colorful French Tips Pearl Nail Art


Why not go super bright and colorful?! If you’re a teen girl who loves dramatic neon nails we know that you’re going to fall for these.

15. Oval Pink Pearl Nail Art


Light pink French tip with smaller beads and pearl details is for women who wish to look like actual Barbie dolls. If you prefer short and simple sweet designs, we know that these are going to find their way onto your to-do list!

16. Short Elegant Pearl Nail Art


How cool is this nail art? It just goes to show you that sometimes even smaller and simpler lines can be so cute and unique to get.

17. Nail Art Pearl Manicure


Try out a purple base and throw on some cute gemstones on top. Ladies who love bigger pieces and those who want a dramatic design for everyday or formal wear will fancy these.

Long Pearl Nail Art

1. Pearl Nail Art French Manicure


Add pearl details and cute pearly artwork onto your long acrylics. If you love dramatic nails and you want something glamorous that is party perfect – these are for you and for your everyday wear.

2. White And Gold Pearl Nail Art


Combine gold and white elements if you like classy and classic nails. These are all about embracing your elegance and will also give you that “pop”. If you’re someone who likes gold jewelry – these are for you.

3. Almond Purple Pearl Nail Art


A light purple almond manicure that most ladies are going to enjoy for everyday wear. Make sure that you can grow your nails to this length to fully commit to it.

4. Long White Pearl Nail Art Design


This pearl manicure is going to look amazing on brides. If you plan on getting married soon and you’re on the lookout for an elegant and long design, this is for you. Book the best nail artist you know and rock it proudly.

5. Long Beige Pearl Nail Art


The creamy white shade is so pretty and elegant. Ladies who love pearl details and those who want a long and dominant acrylic manicure are going to fall for this design. Try out this coffin shape to enjoy elegant and dramatic nails.

6. Pearl Nail Art Manicure


You should try this manicure if you’re a young lady who loves defined almond shapes. This look is often worn to prom and parties, and you’re going to enjoy it the most when trying to attract looks and attention for your chosen mani.

7. Long Acrylic Nails With Pearls


Women who love nail art and those who are into elegant and longer designs will fancy this look. Throw on some pearl details and recreate this gemstone manicure for any event or gathering that you may have going on.

8. Light Green Pearl Nail Art


Long mint French manicure that is feminine and perfect for your party moments! Show that you’re not afraid of longer nails and that you want to try out this unique take on your next French design.

9. Long Beige Manicure Pearl Nail Art


Keep your base beige and clear, but spice up the top with a couple of big beads and pearls. You can do this design on your own or you can book the best nail artist to end up with something similar.

10. Almond Nails Pearl Nail Art For Brides


These pearl nails will take you 3 hours to do. If you have time and patience for them, why not go all on?! Ladies who enjoy nail art and bridal-inspired feminine nails are going to fall in love with these!

11. Pearls And Diamonds Manicure


You should try out an acrylic manicure and add this French duo with pearl details on top. For some women, more is more! If this applies to you, why not go all out with this cool design?

12. Icy White Pearl Nail Art


Recreate this icy white manicure and throw on a couple of pearl details on top. Women who love to do bold nails and those who are in their twenties or thirties might enjoy it the most. Anyone who loves to look dominant and stay fierce will fall for this look.

And that wraps up our deep dive into the world of pearl nail art. We’ve explored everything from the simple to the extravagant, all to give your nails that special touch of elegance. It’s your turn now. Pick a design, let your creativity run wild, and let the pearls do the talking. Remember, your nails are a canvas and you’re the artist. So go ahead and create a masterpiece that reflects your unique style. And most importantly, don’t forget to have fun because when it comes to fashion, there are no rules. Happy styling!

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