30+ Stylish Yet Easy-to-Do-At-Home Nail Designs

Nail art doesn’t always have to be about bold patterns and intricate designs. Sometimes, the beauty lies in simplicity. Simple nails are a fantastic way to keep your look elegant and clean, without the fuss of complex art. They’re perfect for those who prefer a minimalist approach or for occasions where you want your nails to complement, rather than dominate, your outfit. In this post, we’re diving into the understated charm of simple nail designs. We’ll explore style suggestions that pair well with these subtle beauties and discuss the estimated costs. Plus, I’ll be listing 30 simple nail design ideas that can inspire your next manicure.

Simple nails can range from single colors to minimalistic patterns. They’re great for everyday wear and suit virtually any occasion, be it a regular day at the office or a formal event. The best part about simple nails is their versatility. They work wonderfully with casual outfits as well as more sophisticated attire

Regarding the cost, simple nail designs are usually more budget-friendly than their elaborate counterparts. Since they often require fewer materials and less time to create, you can expect a more affordable price range. However, the cost can vary depending on the salon and the specific products used. In the upcoming list of 30 simple nail design ideas, you’ll find options that cater to all budgets, allowing you to choose a design that not only suits your style but also your wallet. Stay tuned for a variety of simple yet chic designs that can add a touch of elegance to your everyday look.

1. Gradient Brown French


The right colors for an autumn idyll, because they range from darker to lighter shades and fit perfectly with any autumn outfit.

2. Beige And White


This design is very gentle and can be combined with all seasons. Soft pink color, white and beige are a great combination and go perfectly together. The design is easy to make and does not take too much time.

3. Half French


Another variant with warm colors in the form of flowers and French on some nails, that’s why we called it half French. The colors are light pink, white and a lighter red which is combined with some brown color. The design is interesting and cute.

4. Shiny Pink


Almond-shaped pink nails with a chrome design that shines through. These nails are gorgeous and we highly recommend them!

5. Burgundy Nails


Short burgundy nails that shine. You can “break” the strong color with one nail that will be pink with small burgundy details and a small gold line. This design is not difficult to make at all and is not complicated.

6. Cloudy


You might think at first glance that these nails are very difficult to make, but in practice, it’s not complicated at all. All you need is a couple of colors and an extra brush. This design is ideal for transparent or light pink gel.

7. Colorful French


Another beautiful French design in different colors. Pastel blue, violet and light pink gel. The little details are the dots at the bottom of the nail are adorable and this design is very cute because of the soft colors.

8. Shine


Simplicity is always beautiful because you can always add some detail to complete it, such as these glitters on the nail. All the nails are simple colors and these glitters come as a complete addition to the look of the hand.

9. Silver French


An excellent choice for the upcoming New Year and Christmas holidays! This silver color reminds us a lot of the holidays because it shines and because it is silver, just like Christmas tree decorations or other decorations. It is simple, but very beautiful and noticeable.

10. All Natural


If you are looking for a more natural variant of the nail that is simple in itself, here is the right example for it. Short nails with a natural shape without any colors or patterns, just a simple gel for firming that is light pink or transparent in color.

11. Cloudy Chrome Nails


Another one of the lame designs. This time, it’s a grey chrome that shines through and reminds us of an autumn rainy sky. The color is very beautiful and simple and can be combined with all colors, but it goes best with white because it stands out best with white.

12. Metallic Gold


The metallic gold color combined with the nude color creates this perfect design. Let your imagination run wild and draw gold paint however you want on the nail, it can be French and it can be lined in various directions, you won’t go wrong, whatever you choose.

13. WhiteBlue


Did you know that each person has different color sensors and that not everyone will see the same shade? If you don’t remember, we are sure that the famous blue/white/golden dress will convince you of that and you can also use this photo because the shade is a faint pastel blue that draws on white. Ask someone next to you what color they think this is. The design is certainly simple and beautiful.

14. Black


These black nails are very striking and beautiful! They remind us of some luxurious nightlife vibe. They are very beautiful and we are sure you will like them, and they also go with any combination, especially one with glitter that shines.

15. All Blue


Mix and match 🩵 A very nice combination of nails that will surely get noticed and that people will like because it has a lot of things combined in one. From French to flowers and stars… the color is very beautiful and attractive and warm at the same time.

16. Pink Stuff


Colors that remind of the end of summer and the summer season. As we assume from the picture, it seems to be the end of summer. The colors are very warm and beautiful, as they vary from darker to lighter and have some small details that complete the look.

17. French Chrome


Yellow chrome French nails that shimmer in the light. Yellow is pastel, so it is more gentle and beautiful than bright yellow, which would go too aggressively with the chrome design. This design is very easy to make and you don’t need any special skills for it.

18. Natural Nude


Another variant of natural nails which are nude variant. The shape and length of the nail are very natural-looking and the nude color, which is almost like the skin color, will not be so striking and will give the appearance of a manicured hand that is clean.

19. Rosie Red


The red ordinary manicure is the most sought-after and desirable. It’s beautiful, elegant and glamorous, and with a little effort, you can have beautifully manicured nails. This shade of red is wonderful and can suit anyone who wants to give it a chance!

20. Clean Nails


Plain nails, without color with shine. Neat, without cuticles, fresh. What else is needed? These nails are a perfect indicator that simplicity can be beautiful and that you don’t need different colors to make your manicure look beautiful.

21. Healthy Tones 


A wonderful, subtle shade of classic colors is all we need sometimes. If you ever get tired of different colors and are in doubt as to what you could do next, maybe you should take a little break and go back to simplicity for a moment. You would love it!

22. Olive Green


The olive green color is beautiful and often underrated. In this picture, she proves how beautiful she can look! Why not try it? Short nails with this color are beautiful and feminine, so you would like this change.

23. Perfect Nude


Long, beautiful and sweet nails with a neat base are something that will surely attract your attention in this post. With fine rings, your hand will look even more beautiful and feminine.

24. White Nails


Beautiful white nails with cute details on one of the nails are a cute idea even for winter days. These cute dots can look like snow, and the whiteness of the nails gives off cosy and warm vibes.

25. Star Nails


Plain nails with stars on them. Is there anything sweeter? With these many stars, you will feel like a child and you will be very interested and noticed. We suggest you do this idea in different ways and play with the different ways you can do nails like this.

26. Red French


These nails are beautiful in every sense. We will start with a deep red French, which is not common at all, so at the very beginning this nail art is something very different… and when we add these beads to the nails, the nails take on a completely new dimension! Beautiful, imaginative and interesting!

27. White Christmas


These nails are a sweet Christmas charm. Everything is there: white color, white French, snowflakes and festive euphoria that you can’t live without! Unrivalled, you will be irresistible and delighted with the appearance of your nails.

28. Simple Black


Plain black nails are beautiful, especially with shine on them. They give the impression of neatness, meticulousness and femininity. In this picture, they are especially nicely done and somehow it seems that everything is in its place. The length of these nails is beautiful and honestly, nails like this should be more trendy because of their simplicity.

29. Bloody Nails 


This blood-red color especially attracts attention, doesn’t it? Even with interesting patterns like these, your nails will be beautiful. This color is particularly interesting and should be taken into account because it is not often seen, but it should be.

30. Milky Nails 


The milky white color is a beautiful kind of simplicity. Even with the length of the nails as in this picture, the nails look even longer, more beautiful and neater. This color is popular and girls often wear it, will you be one of them? Maybe you should and you certainly won’t regret it!

31. Natural Manicure 


Natural nails will always be the most attractive of anything else. Nails like these will be famous for a long time, beautiful and worn by people who know how to do it. Simplicity should be able to be worn and that is a real challenge.

In closing, simple nails are a testament to the beauty of minimalism. With the 30 nail design ideas we’ve discussed, you’ll find that elegance often lies in simplicity. These styles are not only chic and versatile but also kinder to your wallet. So, embrace the understated charm of simple nails and let your natural style shine through with a touch of sophistication.

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