A Cat Is Outside Guy’s House Waiting for Food

A cat showed up outside a guy’s house for food and came back a month later asking for help.


A black and white cat showed up outside a resident’s home in Montreal, scrounging around for food.

Sebastien, the resident who has four cats of his own, offered him some kibbles and water. The stray scarfed it down and took off right after. He didn’t come back until a few weeks later when the temperatures started to drop.

“He was hungry and thirsty, so he returned to the place where he had gotten food before,” Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montreal share with Love Meow.


The cat came onto the porch by the window and saw a feline resident in the warm home while he was out in the cold. “Sebastien wanted to help him and get him inside, but the cat was too scared, so he tried to gain his trust.”

He built an outdoor shelter and provided daily sustenance for the stray. “The cat quickly took refuge in the shelter to shield himself from the cold. He began to run away less and let Sebastien approach him with food.”


One day, the cat reappeared on the porch, looking damp and haggard. He was cold and hungry and wanted to be somewhere warm.

Sebastien placed food near the door to coax him inside. Slowly but surely, the cat decided to give indoor life a try. “He finally agreed to be taken in.”


Sebastien reached out to his local rescue, Chatons Orphelins Montreal, and offered to foster him. “We named the cat Miloh. He was covered in dirt and had some matted fur, but he was safe.”

They were able to locate a microchip, but it wasn’t registered. They traced it to the pound where it was issued, but they had no information on the cat on file.


“Miloh was left outside alone and no one has looked for him. He was very fearful but didn’t have a mean bone in his body. He was curious about everything happening inside the house.”

To help ease the cat into home life, Sebastien recreated a shelter resembling the one on the porch that Miloh had taken a liking to.


“Miloh immediately went inside to feel safe. He spent a lot of time sleeping there. He was able to regain his good appetite and strength.”

The cat emerged from his comfort box one day and decided to explore his new space. He sniffed every nook and cranny and then walked up to his foster dad for some pets.


“Miloh quickly turned into an attention-seeker. He came out of his shell and asked for hugs and more hugs,” Celine told Love Meow.

When he discovered toys, his eyes lit up and he started zooming around, kicking, jumping and hopping with kitten-like energy. “He loves head scritches and will roll on his back for more. He’s become a very affectionate cat.”


The once timid stray has transformed into quite the love-bug. To continue his socialization, Anne-marie, a volunteer of the rescue, welcomed him into her care. It was love at first sight for both.

Miloh immediately switched on his purr motor and rumbled nonstop. He followed his foster mom around the house and sat by her side, kneading away happily with his paws.


“He has become best friends with the resident cat (Pixie) who is an alum of our rescue. Miloh loves his new life where he has everything he’s ever wanted.”

Miloh joins Pixie by the window to sunbathe and plays his heart out every day. He fits in so well with his foster family as if he were the missing piece.


Miloh showers the family with purrs and snuggles during the day. At night, he cuddles up to them in bed and purrs into their ears. Anne-marie knows he’s where he belongs.

“As soon as he got home for what was supposed to be a few weeks of foster care, I knew he would never leave,” Anne-marie shared.


Miloh wandered to the right house for help and ended up finding the perfect family to spend the rest of his life with.


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