A Sharp Little Hummingbird Constructs a Roofed Home

It doesn’t matter which animal you are referring to, they will have somewhere to rest and sleep. Some of them do it outdoors but others make themselves into a cozy little house.


One conservationist familiar with seeing hummingbird nests near her home in Paraguay is Bianca Caroline Soares. Last spring she was walking when she saw something she had never seen before. It’s a covered hummingbird nest. As you can imagine, she was impressed with what she saw.


Few structures in nature evoke the same feeling of coziness and warmth as nests – tree houses built with love and care by birds to raise their young. That is especially seen when it comes to birds because they build small nests in the tops of trees to raise their families and live safely. Maybe that’s why it’s no surprise that a soon-to-be mother bird found a way to make her home a better place.

“I saw five hummingbird nests that day, but this was the most ingenious,” Soares added. The shade provided by the leaves makes it one of the most beautiful nests in the hummingbird area. It’s also a good place to start a family. Soares continued to watch things develop over the next few months and watched the family enjoy the house their mother had built.


In the weeks and months after that first sighting, Soares continued to visit the smart bird’s nest, observing the small family for which she had built it.


“She has two hummingbirds,” Soares said. As the days get hot, the little hummingbirds are enjoying what their mother has done for them.

Soares hopes seeing what this hummingbird mother does will give people more insight into caring for nature.


The hummingbird’s thoughtfulness certainly helped her little family. In time, all of her children became old enough to be independent, perhaps having learned lessons from the design of their childhood home when it came time to build their own nest.

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