Against All Odds: Resilient Dog Seeks Love on Its Own Terms After Cruel Owner Casts It Aside, Tears Shed in the Face of Criticism for Its Disability

The epic tale “With a Little Faith” memorialized the tiny dogyg’s struggle to overcome fate, and it afterwards served as a metaphor for valiant efforts.

Given that he was born with only two legs, his owner abandoned him.


On Christmas Eve 2002, a small puppy with a congenital abnormality was born in the US. The dog only has three legs, and one of them is completely useless and shrunken.

Maybe that’s why her mother dog left her and stopped giving her milk. Given the puppy’s poor health and the fact that it only had two rear legs, the owner felt terrible and concluded it couldn’t be saved, so he threw it away.


Jude Stringfellow and her mother counted it a blessing to be able to look after the little puppy. After that, the tiny puppy became conscious, albeit he was still pretty frail. Everyone was worried that the poor puppy would die.

As a result, some people request that Jude Stringfellow give the poor puppy a lethal injection.


On the other side, Jude’s family accepted the offer to adopt and raise her. The small puppy was also given the name Faith by Mrs. Jude, which is English for faith. She asks the little dog to keep her faith and work miracles.

Faith’s journey on two legs

With a skateboard Mrs. Jude had made for Faith, she first had difficulty using it. For a very long time, Faith had to move by leaning on the skateboard and moving forward with her back legs.

While Mrs. Jude encouraged Faith to stand straight by performing jumping exercises. Faith has stronger hind legs, which makes it easier for the dog to balance when standing straight.

After working diligently for a half year, Faith was able to stand up on her hind legs. Her favorite place to go is the park. She enjoys playing with people, and there are lots of them here.

As soon as a dog can walk on two legs, faith quickly draws attention to itself. When they heard Faith’s story, everyone was moved and remarked on how incredible it was that the small puppy had such amazing vitality. Everyone adored and admired Faith as a result.

The little dog and his powers to repair souls

Faith gained notoriety as a canine with a congenital defect who could walk by herself. She made multiple television appearances.


Several newspaper pieces have also been written about this unusual dog. Even her own book, “With a Little Faith,” is dedicated to Faith.

After the war, Faith worked as a “healing psychologist,” helping wounded soldiers recover emotionally. She is also the one who gives the hospital’s seriously ill patients hope for the future and the motivation to fight illness.

For some of her patients, Faith started working as a therapist. Internet image

Miss Jude Stringfellow ultimately made the decision to quit her job as a teacher and go on a world tour with Faith. I want to encourage everyone, “Remember, even if you don’t have a terrific body, you may still have a wonderful soul.”


We can only hope that the tale of this adorable little puppy would encourage us to have more faith, work harder, and never give up in the face of destiny.

When God closes one door, He opens another, according to the saying.


If you persevere through that challenging phase, you can succeed in anything.

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