At the Bresh party, Messi, Antonella, Luis Suarez, and Sofia Balbi all look great.

The soccer stars and their partners enjoyed a party where Antonela Roccuzzo shone

Messi, Luis Suárez y sus parejas revolucionan la fiesta 'Bresh' en...

Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez, along with their partners, recently celebrated at the ‘Bresh’ party in Miami following an Inter Miami game.

The celebration was notable not just for the soccer stars’ attendance but also for the glamorous presence of their partners, particularly Antonela Roccuzzo.

Dressed in a striking outfit that included a corset with transparencies, a high-waisted mini short, and high leather boots, Roccuzzo was a standout at the event, drawing significant attention and admiration.

The gathering was also graced by Sofia Vergara, adding to the star power of the event. She was photographed embracing Antonela Roccuzzo, which added to the social media buzz surrounding the party.

The event also included other notable soccer figures such as Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets, highlighting the close-knit community of players at Inter Miami.

This event shows the lifestyle and camaraderie off the pitch among the players and their families, which is particularly poignant for Suarez, who recently joined Inter Miami.

Reuniting with Messi and other former Barcelona teammates, Suarez is finding a supportive community in Miami, which is crucial as he and his family adjust to a new city and league.

His transition to Inter Miami is seen as a significant move in his career, bringing together professional ambitions and personal relationships.

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