C. Ronaldo mentioned the name of his deceased son on his daughter's birthday


‘Congratulations dad love. The whole family loves you,’ C. Ronaldo wrote in the caption of a photo of adorable baby Bella Esmeralda with big round eyes, behind her brother Mateo. The Portuguese superstar wrote the hashtag ‘Angel and Bella’. Angel is the name of Bella’s twin brother but passed away at birth two years ago..


Georgina posted a video of her and her brother giving Mateo a chance to blow out the birthday candles.


C. Ronaldo’s mother also posted photos with Bella Esmeralda and wished her grandson a happy birthday. ‘Today is a special day because it is our princess’s birthday. Congratulations dear child, I wish you a happy day with your parents, brothers and sisters. Kiss me a lot’.


Little Bella and her deceased twin brother are C. Ronaldo’s second and third children with his long-time girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez. Bella was born in a year of turmoil in both the veteran striker’s career and personal life. In addition to losing his son, CR7 went through a dark 2022 when he was “snubbed” at MU and had to leave after a “stormy” interview when he criticized coach Ten Hag and the club.


Also in an interview nearly two years ago, Ronaldo said baby Bella was seriously ill and had to be hospitalized when she was just a few months old. That’s why he joined the army late, but the MU leadership did not sympathize, causing him to be hurt, and the relationship between him and the Red Devils was broken.


Bella slept peacefully in her mother’s lap during a family vacation in Saudi Arabia last month. In addition to Bella, C. Ronaldo and Georgina also have their first daughter Alana Martina born in 2017.


C. Ronaldo held Bella and took photos with Georgina and her children (missing baby Eva) on her 39th birthday on February 5. The Portuguese striker said the loss of his son Angel made him and his longtime girlfriend closer. The two encouraged and helped each other overcome the tragedy, continue working and taking care of the family.


Bella has regularly appeared on her mother’s personal page since she was born. The little girl followed her mother to work and went to the gym with her mother. Georgina said she often tries to arrange her work so she can return to her children in the evening and wake up with them the next morning.


Baby Bella is especially close to her brother Mateo. The boy born in 2017 is the twin brother of Eva – C. Ronaldo’s stepchild. The superstar born in 1985 also has an older son Cristiano Jr. born in 2010.


Baby Bella sits on a toy car with her sister Eva while playing with her other brothers and sisters in the garden.


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