Celebrate Messi’s Dog Hulk’s Fifth Birthday: Learn About the Breed and Its Worth

Lionel Messi, the top Argentine soccer star, currently playing for Inter Miami, sent a special birthday greeting to his dog Hulk on the occasion of his 5th birthday at Inter Miami.

Giật mình với chú chó khổng lồ Hulk của Lionel Messi

Hulk, the adorable and loyal dog, has become an important member of the Inter Miami family. Messi, who has love and sympathy for animals, did not forget to wish Hulk a happy birthday.

“Happy 5th birthday, Hulk! So happy to share this wonderful moment with you. Hope you have a very happy and fun-filled birthday. Thank you for your loyalty and love.” Wishing you and Inter Miami a successful and happy future,” Messi wrote on his personal page.

Chú chó Hulk của Messi giống gì, giá bao nhiêu?

Messi’s birthday wish for Hulk not only shows his love and concern for animals, but is also a wish for the dog’s joy and success in his life and career at Inter Miami.

Inter Miami also held a small party to celebrate Hulk’s birthday. The team and club members together shared joy and affection for this lovely dog. Hulk received delicious gifts and birthday cakes from teammates and fans.

Chú chó Hulk của Messi giống gì, giá bao nhiêu?

This event not only created memorable moments, but also demonstrated Inter Miami’s spirit of solidarity and love for all members of the club family, including animals.

Chú chó Hulk của Messi giống gì, giá bao nhiêu?

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