Countdown to His Copa America Matches Before Inter Miami

Messi just returned to play for Inter Miami after a 1-match break due to a knee injury, in a 1-0 win over rival DC United on May 19 in the MLS tournament with the only goal scored by striker Leonardo Campana at the end. battle. This is the 6th win in Inter Miami’s recent 9-match unbeaten streak (the remaining 3 matches were draws).

Messi trong trận đấu mới nhất cho Inter Miami
Messi in the latest match for Inter Miami

These results help Inter Miami stay at the top of the MLS Eastern Region table with 31 points after 15 matches, but behind rival FC Cincinnati is following closely with a gap of only 1 point and playing 1 less match.

In Inter Miami’s upcoming 3 matches, Messi hopes to help the home team win the maximum 9 points to continue to strengthen their position and secure a place in the play-off round at the end of the year to compete for the MLS Cup championship.

Those are the matches against Vancouver Whitecaps FC (away, 9:30 a.m. May 26); against Atlanta United (6:30 a.m. on May 30) and the match against St. Louis City SC (6:30 a.m. June 2) are all at home, Vietnam time. After these matches, Inter Miami will not return to play until June 16 with an away match against Philadelphia Union.

This is also the period when Messi will return to focus on the Argentina team to play two friendly matches against Ecuador on June 10 and Guatemala on June 15 (Vietnam time) – both taking place in the US. After that, this 36-year-old player continues to compete in the Copa America tournament. If he and the Argentina team reach the final to defend the championship, he will have to say goodbye to Inter Miami Club for more than a month. It is expected that Messi will not be able to play for Inter Miami in about 6 matches during this period. He can only return from the end of July and participate in the group stage matches of the Leagues Cup (from July 28).

Báo chí Mỹ chỉ ra các trận Messi cần thi đấu và giúp Inter Miami chiến thắng trước khi dự Copa America
The American press pointed out the matches Messi needs to play and help Inter Miami win before attending the Copa America

“We will have difficulty because when Copa America takes place, MLS will still play. But we must know how to endure, Leonardo Campana’s goal (1-0 win over DC United) will help him. He is confident. Players like him and Robert Taylor will be the backbone of Inter Miami during this period,” Inter Miami coach Tata Martino shared.

However, if Leonardo Campana is called up to the Ecuadorian team for the Copa America, Inter Miami will be missing almost its entire attack. Because Messi returns to the Argentina team, Luis Suarez will join the Uruguay team and young star Benjamin Cremaschi will also play for the host US team.

“This is the problem that makes Messi need to work hard in the upcoming matches to help Inter Miami win the maximum score in 3 matches in the MLS tournament. Messi is determined to participate in the Copa America tournament, but will not compete in the Olympic tournament. Paris 2024. After the tournament, this famous player returned to Inter Miami to maintain a stable ranking to ensure a place in the play-off round.

Messi’s goal in the 2024 season is that in addition to defending the Copa America championship with Argentina, he will defend the Leagues Cup championship with Inter Miami and aim to win the MLS Cup at the end of the year. said journalist Gaston Edul of TyC Sports channel (Argentina).

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