Crystal clear waters and majestic peaks: explore the stunning lakes of the Faroe Islands

Sorvagsvatn is a beautiful lake located in the Faroe Islands.

Sorʋagsʋatn, also known as Leitisʋatn, is located north of Vagar, an island within the Danish archipelago of the Faroe Islands. The lake is known for its unique location near a cliff in the Atlantic Ocean which from its rocky plateau seems to dominate the ocean. In fact, it’s a beautiful optical illusion. Its elongated shape and wonderful lighting effects influence perspective, helping to deceive the human eye, creating the impression of surrealist tendencies.


This natural beauty spans 1.5 square miles and is the largest lake in the archipelago. Although it appears to be hundreds of meters higher, it is only 30 meters above sea level. It is a truly suggestive natural phenomenon that has caused residents on opposite sides of the lake to dispute the name of the lake. A very heated debate did not bring together citizens in the northwest who called it Sørʋágsʋatn, while those in the southeast called it Leitisʋatn.


Sorʋagsʋatn attracts tourists from all over the world, a lake that seems to float above the ocean, surrounded by one of the most fascinating and breathtaking landscapes on the planet. It’s a stunning lake, one of the absolute wonders that only the wild, pristine paradise of the Faroe Islands can offer.

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