David Beckham Shares Worries Regarding “Gold Fever” Aftereffects “What Will Happen?” asks Messi.

“We have to continue moving forward on this path, because I don’t know what will happen in about 2 years? Then after the 2026 World Cup, what will happen?”, David Beckham expressed in recent private interview on CNBC (USA). That is also the time when Messi’s contract with Inter Miami will expire at the end of December 2025, as confirmed by MLS.

“Messi has brought a revolution in MLS. This is a real gold rush. Not only Inter Miami, all clubs in America benefit from when we have Messi. Every match at the stadium visitors, meeting any team, on any field and no matter how large the capacity, all are filled with spectators. Ticket prices have increased to record levels, everything has increased accordingly.

Obviously, we have benefited greatly from all the effects Messi brings. I like this reality, this is good for all clubs. It’s nice to see clubs earning more profit from matches, and of course us too”, David Beckham emphasized.

However, the owner of Inter Miami expressed concern. “In 2 years, if we don’t prepare now to take advantage of what we have to continue developing the tournament, especially in the post-Messi era, things will easily return to the way they were before. This is the time for MLS clubs to bring in more top stars, quality and attractive players to take the tournament further, not just hoping for Messi like today,” David Beckham shared. shall.

Messi has a contract with Inter Miami until the end of December 2025 with the option to extend the following year, according to journalist Fabrizio Romano – transfer information hunter. However, the Argentine player is the one who decides whether to activate the extension clause or not.

Có thể là hình ảnh về 6 người, mọi người đang chơi bóng bầu dục, mọi người đang chơi bóng đá và văn bản
Matches featuring Messi in the MLS tournament continuously set viewership records

These will depend on Messi’s upcoming competition schedule, including success or not in the upcoming Copa America tournament and the ability to attend the 2026 World Cup or not. There is even a possibility that the famous player, who is about to turn 37 in June, will consider the possibility of retiring if he can no longer be inspired and contribute to his teammates.

“Messi also has another and surprising option, which is to return to the club when Newell’s Old Boys played in his hometown of Argentina, before retiring”, AS newspaper (Spain) said.

Beckham lãi lớn nhờ Messi - Báo VnExpress Thể thao
Messi (third from left) and David Beckham

“What is certain is that there will no longer be anyone like Messi. David Beckham himself understands that Messi’s attraction to American football today is even greater than when he played for LA Galaxy Club. Therefore, Once this fever passes and there is no longer anyone strong enough to attract the audience to the stadium, American football will easily return to the previous gloomy period”, AS newspaper assessed.

“Therefore, it is no coincidence that MLS clubs have seen the problem from David Beckham’s warning. They are looking to recruit big-name players to join this summer. That is Olivier Giroud (signed with Los Angeles FC), will soon be Marco Reus (from Borussia Dortmund Club) and Antoine Griezman (Atletico Madrid). Even from the beginning of 2025, MLS may also welcome more Kevin De Bruyne from Man City, Sergio Ramos from Sevilla or Nacho and even Luka Modric from Real Madrid, players have expressed their intention to go to the US to play for the final stage of their career instead of choosing the tournament in Saudi Arabia. , AS newspaper predicted.

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