Despite her criticism, Hailey Bieber continues to influence five nail styles.

After a long-term drama with Selena Gomez, Hailey Bieber has received quite a few antifans. However, no matter how much people dislike Justin Bieber’s wife, it is still difficult to deny her influence in the beauty industry, more specifically nail polish.

Out of 10 people, there will be up to 8 people who will love Hailey’s nail trend. This girl is really cool at promoting nail polish styles, from last year until now they have been causing a stir.

1. Glazed Donuts

"HaileySince last summer until now, the whole world has flocked to Glazed Donut nail polish – the paint color that Hailey Bieber initiated with great success. This paint color inspired by sugar-covered donuts fits well with minimalism, the Clean Girl trend that was a hit at that time. And until now, this is still a nail design that receives countless love from women thanks to its high applicability, easy to coordinate, and suitable for all styles. This nail design is covered with a light layer of emulsion, looking clear and natural without being boring

2. Lemon yellow nails

"HaileyAfter Glazed Donut, Zola Ganzorigt – Hailey’s nail artist continues to cause a storm with a bold summer lemon yellow nail design. The image of her advertising for her own brand – Rhode with lemon yellow nails really made many people crazy. Long, pointed nail shape combined with lemon yellow color brings a strong sense of travel, bringing elegance but still comfort and sophistication.

3. Mirror nails

"HaileySimilar to Glazed Donut but instead of MLBB, Hailey Bieber chose to vary it with dark colors to create a super luxurious mirror nail design. This nail style favors dark tones like gray, brown… bringing personality and fashion to ladies pursuing a cool girl style.

4. French girl’s nails

"HaileyAt the end of last year, Hailey Bieber once showed a nude + bright red nail polish mix and it immediately caused a fever. Last Valentine’s season, this is the nail design that many women follow. The French girl’s nail has a pointed tip painted in a striking red color, combined with a nude polish underneath and a toned red lipstick makeup to create an extremely feminine and lemony look.

5. Clear nails


Minimalist to the point where it can’t be more minimalist than the clear painted nail design ”painted like no paint”. Hailey Bieber often promotes this nail design when taking photos to promote her own brand, and last year, instead of focusing on her nails, she highlighted her smooth, healthy skin. Girls who don’t want to stand out too much, just want to have their nails beautifully trimmed and painted with a gentle layer of ombre paint, they should try this nail style!

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