Transform into a Runway Diva with These 29 Gorgeous and Playful Nail Designs

Flirty nails are the latest manifestation of the flirty aesthetic that has taken over Tiktok. There have been plenty of powder makeup, rosy cheek, and hair bow looks, but the easiest way to embrace the super sweet trend is with a set of flirty nails, which have quickly become one of the top manicure trends in the world. summer.








Okay, this trend sounds cool, but what is “flirty,” you ask? Simply put, coquette means flirty and feminine. Still have no idea what that means? Don’t worry. You will understand once you see what flirty nails look like. Here’s your visual guide to the best flirty nail looks on social media to show you how pretty this new manicure trend can be!

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