Europe is “boiling” before the landing of Taylor Swift

‘The Eras Tour’ causes fever in France

Chuyến lưu diễn The Eras Tour của Taylor Swift vừa bắt đầu ở chặng châu Âu
Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour has just kicked off its European leg

More than a month of rest after 6 explosive shows in Singapore, Taylor Swift continued to bring The Eras Tour to 18 European cities. Opening this stage are 4 shows of the “king snake” at Paris La Défense Arena (France) from May 9 to May 12. The return of the Cruel Summer hitmaker with a billion-dollar tour immediately caused a stir as she continued to entertain fans with 46 hits through each “era” of her music.

In particular, Taylor’s 7 newest songs from the recently released album The Tortured Poets Department were updated to the performance list after cutting a few old songs from the previous “set list”. Fans in France couldn’t help but enjoy being the first audience to see their idol live perform a series of hits from his latest album: But Daddy I Love Him, So High School, Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me ?, Down Bad, Fortnight, The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived and I Can Do It With a Broken Heart.

Taylor Swift bổ sung 7 bài hát vừa phát hành vào danh sách biểu diễn mới nhất của The Eras Tour
Taylor Swift added 7 newly released songs to the latest performance list of The Eras Tour

Forbes estimates that about 42,000 audiences met Taylor Swift each night in France before she brought The Eras Tour to Sweden, Portugal, Spain, England, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Poland and Austria. It is known that a large number of fans from the US come to France to watch the Love Story singer perform because ticket prices in Europe are much cheaper than performances in their home country, thereby helping them save thousands of dollars.

A fan named Georg’Ann Daly decided to celebrate her 23rd birthday by enjoying her idol’s show in France despite having to travel a long way: boarding a domestic flight from Nashville to Chicago. (USA) then go to London (UK) and catch a train to Paris (France). “I’ve always been obsessed with Taylor Swift”, she shared the reason with AFP. An audience member named Noah (20 years old) said he bought tickets to see all four of Taylor’s concerts in Paris after using up to 22 email addresses to hunt for tickets. Not only that, some passionate fans of this female singer also camped out in Paris from May 7 to make sure they don’t miss this valuable opportunity.

Châu Âu 'sục sôi' trước cuộc đổ bộ của Taylor Swift- Ảnh 3.
Taylor Swift’s series of concerts in France has become the center of attention in recent days

Mr. Frederic Longuépée – CEO of Paris La Défense Arena, revealed to NBC News that among the crowd coming to Paris to see Taylor Swift perform, about 20 to 30% were Americans. Hotels and restaurants in Paris were revealed to be packed throughout the weekend and this is seen as an effective test of the city’s infrastructure and security ahead of another major event this summer. : Paris Olympics 2024. “During these 4 shows, we will be the center of the world, this is very important to us because obviously as a rehearsal event for the Olympics”, said the This said.

Europe has a strong autumn thanks to the ‘storm’ of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour “sweeping” Europe is predicted by experts to be a big boost to the economy of the “old continent”.

According to Forbes , Jack Ezon – founder of travel company Embark Beyond, said that in Paris, the average room price of luxury hotels this week increased by 36% over the same period last year, coinciding with the 4 nights of performances by the Grammy Award-winning star. Paris La Défense Arena reports that merchandise sales during this period doubled the previous record.

The Eras Tour của Taylor Swift tác động tích cực đến nền kinh tế của những nơi mà chuyến lưu diễn này đi qua
Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour positively impacts the economies of the places this tour passes through

After Paris, the next stop of The Eras Tour is Stockholm (Sweden) next weekend. Mr. Carl Bergqvist, chief economist of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, said about 120,000 international spectators (of which about 10,000 from the US) are expected to flock to the Swedish capital this month for Taylor Swift. This person said that Stockholm is the only city in the Scandinavian region of Northern Europe that The Eras Tour visits and airlines have added flights from Denmark, Finland and Norway to serve travel needs. of everyone who came here to watch the performances from May 17 to 19.

Mr Bergqvist revealed the city’s 40,000 hotel rooms were sold out despite prices skyrocketing during the days of the show. He said concert attendees are expected to “pump” more than $46 million into the local economy during their stay. This number does not include the amount they paid for tickets to see Taylor Swift or tickets to go to Sweden. “So this will have a huge impact on the tourism industry in Sweden and especially Stockholm”, the expert added.

Nhu cầu di chuyển, lưu trú tăng đột biến tại các thành phố châu Âu có tour diễn của Taylor Swift đi qua
Demand for travel and accommodation increased dramatically in European cities where Taylor Swift’s tour passed through

Meanwhile, The Guardian said several cities in Europe reported a sharp increase in demand for hotels and short-term rental accommodation during the summer, when “storm” Taylor Swift hit. In Edinburgh (Scotland), Liverpool (England) and Cardiff (Wales), rooms at the Travelodge chain around the time of this female singer’s concert next June have been sold out since August 2023, one month. once tickets to the shows go on sale.

Business Insider reported that in December, vacation rental data company AirDNA noticed demand for short-term rentals during Swift’s tours in Vienna (Austria) and Warsaw (Poland). ) this summer has increased by about 2,000%.

Những buổi diễn của Taylor Swift tại châu Âu thúc đẩy nhiều người đến đây du lịch
Taylor Swift’s concerts in Europe motivate many people to travel here

Not only does it bring huge profits to the hotel and accommodation industry, the number of audiences coming to Europe to watch Taylor Swift perform also brings great revenue to the economy when their excitement can be converted into expenses. Generous for food, shopping, entertainment needs… Also through participating in Taylor Swift’s concerts, many people decide to turn their trip to Europe into a long vacation.

Taylor Swift helps card spending increase by 35% in Singapore

Natalia Lechmanova, chief economist at the Mastercard Institute of Economics, said that compared to last year’s US tour, Taylor Swift’s European leg will bring an even greater economic impact this summer, with the network Strong transport networks facilitate access to destinations and enhance economic benefits across Europe. “Similar to the US, smaller cities like Liverpool or Lyon will likely be more affected than larger centers like London or Paris,” he added.

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