Explore sculptures carved from natural stone

Discover the peaceful beauty of Moana Sapa Cafe in Sa Pa, Vietnam.





Sa Pa, a city in the mountains of Vietnam, has a rich history with ancient stone carvings on the UNESCO heritage list.



On one of Sa Pa’s mountain peaks is Moana Sapa Café. This is a very popular tourist attraction and is home to many mountain views of the nearby area. The giant sculpture with open hands is the statue of the girl Moana. It is 6 meters high and is one of the highlights of the cafe. The statue was built in 2021, a fairly recent date.



Experience Moana Sapa and its most notable attractions! Don’t miss the awe-inspiring statue and meditating hand on the cliff.


Du Hee Jang

The meditating hand is called the Golden Hand by the locals. Plus, it looks like it’s floating in the air, especially on foggy days, which is what this area is famous for. Many people call Sa Pa city “the land of fog”.


Ja’Aeh While visitors should be careful when standing on their hands, Moana Sapa has also taken some precautions. There is a net right below the Golden Hand to catch someone if they fall. However, the net does not cover the entire cliff but only a part of it.



Another part of Moana Sapa is Bali’s Heaven’s Gate. This gate is a replica of the Gate of Heaven at Lempuyang Temple on the island of Bali, Indonesia. Although Sapa Gate is not as high as the original, it has a beautiful view of the Northwest mountains.


Mindrisa’s mind

Moana Sapa has to be one of the most peaceful places in Vietnam. Huge sculptures of Moana, Golden Hand, Heaven’s Gate, Endless Lake and mountain views make this place worth visiting.


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