Five Uniquely Shaped Fruits at Exorbitant Prices are Japanese Exclusives.

Pentagonal orange

5 types of fruits with strange shapes, only found in Japan - 3

True to its name, this type of orange is shaped like a regular pentagon. Agricultural researchers bred it between oranges and tangerines, then always planted it with a wooden frame to fix the shape. Due to the special growing method, each kilogram of pentagonal oranges in Japan has a high price, about 700,000 VND per kilogram, and is always in a state of scarcity because each year only a very few standard oranges are sold on the market.

This fruit from Ehime province not only attracts customers because of its unique shape and strange flavor but also has spiritual meaning. Japanese people believe that eating this orange will help students pass exams, be lucky and successful in life. When opened, the orange segments inside are arranged very regularly, balanced, square and sharp, symbolizing the harmony of yin and yang and the five elements.

Black watermelon

5 types of fruits with strange shapes, only found in Japan - 2

Watermelons often have striped, light green or dark green skin, while black skin is “historically rare” and only appears in the Hokkaido region (Japan). This is considered the king of watermelons with the highest price of more than 6,100 USD (about more than 130 million VND). The more affordable price is about a few hundred to a few thousand dollars because each year, this region only produces 10,000 watermelons. With a luxurious black skin, this special type of melon is considered a gift that rich people often give to each other.

Black watermelon has very few seeds, or even no seeds, and has excellent flavor. Currently, Densuke black watermelon is only grown in Toma town, Hokkaido.

Square watermelon

5 types of fruits with strange shapes, only found in Japan - 4

More popular than black watermelons, square watermelons have appeared on the market for many years, even in Vietnam, with prices of several million VND. This type of melon is grown in the Shikoku Islands and is used more as a gift than for enjoyment. Just like five-colored oranges, creating this special-shaped melon requires a fixed frame. Depending on the melon’s development status, the frame will be gradually loosened.

The square watermelon is patented and cannot be grown anywhere other than Zentsuji. Each year, this place only harvests 300 fruits, if the crop fails, the quantity is even smaller. The price of a square watermelon in Japan is about 100-200 USD but when sold abroad it can be up to 900 USD.

Snow white strawberry

5 types of fruits with strange shapes, only found in Japan - 1

It cannot be denied that any fruit that causes a fever in Japan will quickly appear in Vietnam and be eagerly sought after. One of them is snow white strawberry. Instead of red, these strawberries are white as the name suggests. The size of a strawberry can be up to 50g, the size of a child’s hand. Even in Japan, snow white strawberries are also a rare specialty grown only on a small farm in Saga province. People here call it mulberry white jade – white pearl.

In addition to its strange shape, snow white strawberries contain 5 times more nutrients and antioxidants than regular strawberries. Strawberries are succulent and have a unique aroma. Although it is expensive, compared to many other “rich” fruits, snow white mulberry is still more affordable. When they return to Vietnam, they cost 1.6 million VND per kg but are quite scarce.

Red mango

5 types of fruits with strange shapes, only found in Japan

Red foods are always popular in Asian countries because they are believed to bring luck. Therefore, the red Taiyono Tamago mango variety in the Miyazaki region, despite its sky-high price, is sought after and becomes a luxurious gift during Tet. This red mango is sold in pairs with a lucky meaning, priced at 3,000 USD (about 60 million VND).

Red mango is called the “egg of the sun” due to its beautiful shape, round, smooth, weighing 350g or more and especially the delicious flesh. The sweetness of this fruit is considered to be 15 times higher than normal mango.

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