Following adoption, a 40-pound cat starts a new diet.

Like humans, animals can become overweight if they lack a regulated diet. Among them, cats have a higher tendency to gain weight due to their preference for lounging and indulging in food rather than exercising. Although their plump appearance may seem endearing, this condition poses significant health risks and may shorten the cat’s lifespan—a far cry from what cat owners envision. Recently, online users have shown a keen interest in Patches, an obese cat who has achieved successful weight loss. Today, let’s acquaint ourselves with this petite feline and explore the measures taken to address its health concerns.

Meet Patches, a colossal cat weighing 40.3 pounds, who embarked on a quest to find a new home. Patches had been sheltered at the Richmond Animal Care and Control Shelter in Virginia.

image Image source:  Richmond Animal Care and Control

Weighing an astonishing 40.3 pounds upon arrival at Richmond Animal Care and Control, Patches caught the attention of the shelter, prompting them to share a captivating photo of this adorable feline on Facebook shortly thereafter.

image Image source: Richmond Animal Care and Control

Luckily, thanks to Patches’ photo going viral, it wasn’t long before he found a loving adoptive family.

image Image source: Richmond Animal Care and Control

Shortly after, Patches found a perfect match in a devoted owner who was committed to implementing a tailored diet and exercise regimen. Moving Patches’ crate out of the premises required the assistance of an additional person as his new guardian, Kay Ford, undertook the task.

image Image source: Richmond Animal Care and Control

“My daughter sent me a text with the RACC post about Patches. I moved quickly, knowing there would be tremendous interest in him. My email received a response about an hour later inviting me to a meet and greet. I sat down with him and knew if they chose me, I could help and give him the best home ever! Then they said yes! However, I had 2 concerns, would my other cat Wellesley be OK with this – he was after a few days, and would I be chosen – I was!” Kay Ford shared.

image Image source: Patches’ Journey

image Image source: Patches’ Journey

While we may adore “chonky” cats like Patches, it is crucial to recognize that his excess weight posed health risks and was detrimental to his well-being.

image Image source: Patches’ Journey

Consequently, Patches have been placed on a specialized diet and exercise program to facilitate the shedding of those surplus pounds.

image Image source: Patches’ Journey

Implementing a meticulous regimen for Patches, Kay revealed that his diet would primarily consist of wet food without the necessity of prescription-based options. The food choices may be adjusted based on the progress made with regular meals. While Patches has a fondness for pate and kibble, these portions will be gradually substituted with healthier alternatives. Furthermore, Patches is advised to consume smaller meals distributed throughout the day to effectively manage his weight.

image Image source: Patches’ Journey

Furthermore, Patches’ caregiver is actively involved in an exercise routine. It is highly encouraged for Patches to engage in a minimum of 40 minutes of playtime with family members. Additionally, Patches follows a daily schedule that incorporates optional walks. In support of the feline’s health improvement plan, dedicated supporters even sent a specially designed cat scratcher with a significant incline to aid Patches’ well-being.

To stay updated on Patches’ journey, his new owner, Kay Ford, has established a Facebook page that you can follow and keep abreast of his remarkable progress.

image Image source: Patches’ Journey

image Image source: Patches’ Journey

Motivated to share Patches’ transformative weight loss journey with others, Kay took the initiative to create a Facebook page. When questioned about her inspiration, she expressed, “People needed to be informed of his progress. I knew they would be grateful to know he was ok. It has blossomed into so much more.”

image Image source: Patches’ Journey

May Patches receive the ongoing love and care he rightfully deserves, and may his weight loss journey be filled with success. Furthermore, may this tale serve as a poignant reminder to all pet owners to prioritize the health and well-being of their beloved companions.

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