From the pinnacle of football, this is how “Mr. Messi” reached new heights in business: No wonder he is known as the “money-making master”

During his illustrious football career, David Beckham has won 19 major titles. Thanks to his unique playing style, this midfielder even turned the phrase “curve like Beckham” – referring to his passing technique – into a phenomenon long ago. Notably, after retiring from professional football in 2013, this sports legend opened a completely new chapter in his life but no less successful.

According to British media, Beckham, 48 years old, was the seventh highest paid athlete at the time of retirement. Fortunately, his personal brand is still growing strong after more than 11 years of leaving the football industry.

Từ đỉnh cao bóng đá, đây là cách “ông chủ của Messi” đạt đỉnh mới trong kinh doanh: Bảo sao được mệnh danh “bậc thầy kiếm tiền” - Ảnh 1.

David Beckham has millions of dollars in hand thanks to his illustrious football career. Photo: @davidbeckham/Instagram

Today, Becks has an impressive net worth of $450 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. According to Business Insider, when his wife Victoria Beckham, a famous fashion designer, also made the list, their total net worth increased to $514 million.

With many investments, business ventures and real estate since his retirement, the Beckham family’s wealth will certainly continue to grow steadily in the coming years.

As President of Inter Miami FC

Following Beckham’s retirement, it’s no surprise that the former footballer continued to pursue the sport – albeit taking on more management and investment roles.

Currently, Beckham is the president and co-owner of Inter Miami CF, which has famous players such as Lionel Messi and Sergio Busquets on the team. He is placing great hope that Messi will help Inter Miami win the CONCACAF Champions Cup, thereby gaining the right to attend the 2025 FIFA Club World Cup, creating a big step forward for the team.

Từ đỉnh cao bóng đá, đây là cách “ông chủ của Messi” đạt đỉnh mới trong kinh doanh: Bảo sao được mệnh danh “bậc thầy kiếm tiền” - Ảnh 2.

David Beckham (right) became an investor after retiring and is currently president of Inter Miami CF club, owner of star player Lionel Messi (second from left). Photo: Inter Miami FC

According to Daily Mail, the amount of money former football player David Beckham spent to establish the Inter Miami Club in 2018 compared to its current value is astonishing, it is “one of the sports business deals”. “. best ever”. now’.

“David Beckham only spent 25 million USD with businessmen Jorge Mas and Jose Mas to establish Inter Miami Club in 2018. To date, after 4 seasons of playing in MLS (from 2020), this team has a headquarters. headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is currently valued at up to 1.02 billion USD – nearly double the valuation of 583 million USD in 2023. And many times higher than the amount that David Beckham once invested. Daily Mail (UK) said.

In addition, he is also the director and co-owner of the English club Salford City.

Own enough brand contracts

According to Fortune, Beckham earned nearly $100 million from licensing deals last year, doubling the revenue of his company DRJB Holdings thanks in part to the Netflix documentary surrounding him.

Từ đỉnh cao bóng đá, đây là cách “ông chủ của Messi” đạt đỉnh mới trong kinh doanh: Bảo sao được mệnh danh “bậc thầy kiếm tiền” - Ảnh 3.

David Beckham wears a Tudor watch. Photo: @davidbeckham/Instagram

According to Deadline, the documentary series about Beckham on this famous broadcasting platform has achieved resounding success, reaching 3.8 million viewers in just the first week of premiere.

According to Fortune, brand deals with Maserati, Adidas and other brands also brought in $92.2 million in revenue. At the same time, becoming a representative for the Qatar World Cup also brought great influence and a large source of income to the once legendary player.

Real estate tycoon

Từ đỉnh cao bóng đá, đây là cách “ông chủ của Messi” đạt đỉnh mới trong kinh doanh: Bảo sao được mệnh danh “bậc thầy kiếm tiền” - Ảnh 4.

The Beckhams bought a house in the Cotswolds worth $15 million in 2016. Photo: @davidbeckham/Instagram

In 2016, the Beckham family bought a $15 million mansion converted from a warehouse in the heart of the idyllic Cotswolds. The property is so beloved by the football legend that it has been featured in a Netflix documentary and is also often the backdrop for his Instagram posts.

Từ đỉnh cao bóng đá, đây là cách “ông chủ của Messi” đạt đỉnh mới trong kinh doanh: Bảo sao được mệnh danh “bậc thầy kiếm tiền” - Ảnh 5.

The Beckham family home in the Cotswolds frequently appears in David Beckham’s Instagram posts. Photo: @davidbeckham/Instagram

The house is located right near the SoHo Farmhouse club loved by many famous members. Inside the garden there is a private swimming pool and football field. In 2018, Beckham shared that he even treated his whole family to an igloo-style sauna at home.

In addition, the male millionaire also owns many other real estate properties around the world.


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