Glazed French tips, gilded press-ons, and other gorgeous yellow chrome nail ideas will make you shine!

And just like that, spring is basically here. To go along with the sunshine, warmer temps, and blooming plants, manicure lovers are obsessing over pastel nail polish shades with cool-girl chromatic finishes.

How to rock yellow chrome nails, spring's most cheerful manicure trend.

Alongside soft-girl colors like pale blue and light lavender, a more unexpected butter yellow is one to watch for the spring season. Moreover, near-neon shades of yellow-ish chartreuse are expected to be a major nail polish trend as the weather heats up.

“After a particularly wet and snowy winter season across most of the country this year, we believe people are going to be ready to flaunt loud pops of color,” Jacqueline Carrington, the founder of nail polish brand People of Color, previously told Bustle. Hence: warm-toned golds and creamy yellow shades are expected to reign on your FYP.

Next to pretty shades of yellow, chrome nails are hotter than ever before — and when you combine the two into one manicure, you’ve got one fire, trendy set.

Below, find nine ways to rock the yellow chrome nail trend, from minimalistic details to glittering nail polish toppers that gorgeously catch the sunlight.


Glazed Yellow French Tips

Pastel yellow chrome French tip nails are on-trend for spring 2024.@heluviee

Instead of just painting on some cheery pastel yellow French tips, top the entire look with a softly chromatic “glazed donut” finish for some extra head-turning sheen.


Sunny Metallic Nail Polish

Creme Lacquer in Demeter's Harvest

Mooncat creates polish colors that are basically art in a bottle. Case in point? The Demeter’s Harvest shade, which has a golden, sunny hue that glitters with intensity.


Soft Girl Butter Yellow Chrome

Butter yellow chrome nails are on-trend for spring 2024.@marydominiquee

For a simple yet seasonally chic set, try adorning your nails in an opaque butter-yellow shade with an edgy chrome finish.


3D Lemon Zest Details

Yellow chrome nails with lemon art are on-trend for spring 2024.@yaris.nails

An easy way to take your mani to the next level is to add some 3D details — and this artful set features textured tips that look like real lemon slices.


Gilded Press-Ons

Mani Press On Nails in Sunny Bliss (Handmade)

These metallic, cat-eye-like press-ons are a foolproof way to tap the rising yellow chrome manicure trend for the springtime months.


Neon Yellow Mirror Mani

Neon yellow chrome nails are on-trend for spring 2024.@noekovacs

Go bold by rocking a neon yellow set, complete with a mirrored finish, that’ll positively glow in the sunshine.


Minimal Flower Petals

Yellow chrome nails with flower petal details are on-trend for spring 2024.@nailart_byamelia

This low-key set features pale yellow chrome flower petals on alternating nails — because florals for springtime manicures are always groundbreaking.


Glittering Nail Topper

Vernis Top Coat Nail Lacquer in Dorure

Meant to paint on solo or atop any polish color, this luxe Dior lacquer in the yellow-gold shade “Dorure” adds a near-chromatic shimmery finish.


Star-Topped Yellow Chrome Tips

Yellow chrome nails with star details are on-trend for spring 2024.@yo_keshh

For a playful take on the yellow chrome manicure trend, try topping the sunshine-inspired metallic polish with a few white star details.

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