Gorgeous Gel Nail Art with Unexpected Mother of Pearl Accents. Don’t Miss These Stylish and Distinctive Nail Designs!

By mixing mother of pearl with nail gel, nail technicians have created eye-catching nail designs. Mother of pearl nails have a unique natural beauty and are the top choice of many people. If you also love this type of decoration, take a look at these beautiful gel nails with hidden mother-of-pearl nail designs . Surely you will find a nail style that you love.

Created by Russian nail artist Elena Gartesa in 2015, mother of pearl nails quickly gained their place in the most impressive nail collections. To this day, this nail style has become more popular and is widely used in beautiful Korean nail designs.

"Those Hidden mother of pearl nail designs are a popular beauty trend today

Beautiful mother-of-pearl gel nails are created by mixing mother-of-pearl stone chips with nail gel. Once the gel dries, we will be able to see through the top coat to see the sparkling pieces of mother-of-pearl. It is the impressive and natural beauty that makes mother-of-pearl nails more and more popular.

Currently, mother of pearl nails have many color options. There are more than 12 different colors such as red, white, black, turquoise, etc. used for decoration. Among them, the most popular nail styles include:

Red is associated with love and intense emotions. Red hidden mother-of-pearl gel nails are a way to express yourself as an enthusiastic, emotional girl who loves romantic things. This is a nail style suitable for all skin tones, especially light skin.

"Nail Red mother of pearl nails show the owner’s romance
"Sample Nail designs are suitable for all skin tones, especially bright white skin

If you are a person who loves sweetness, the hidden mother of pearl gel nail design is the most suitable choice. Pink is made up of a combination of red and white, a color that symbolizes romance and love. Painting your nails pink is a way to tell the world that you are an open-minded, pure and somewhat naive girl.

"Nail Pink nails are a nail design that represents romance and love
"Type The nail style represents the innocence and purity of the owner

Turquoise is a popular nail color recently. This color represents peace, luck and prosperity. Turquoise nails have a luxurious beauty and are the right choice for those who want an impressive set of nails. In addition, this is also a suitable choice for those with Water or Wood elements. The turquoise nail set will definitely bring luck and joy in the future.

"Nail Turquoise mother of pearl nails are said to bring the owner luck and prosperity
"Nail Turquoise mother-of-pearl nails are a suitable choice for the Water element or the Wood element

Representing purity, white is often chosen to complete beautiful mother of pearl nail designs. A white nail set suitable for many different styles is definitely the perfect choice for those who love simplicity.

"Set The white mother of pearl nail set has a simple yet luxurious beauty
"Nail White nails are suitable for many different styles

Not only is it a luxurious color, black also represents mystery. This color tone when used to decorate mother of pearl nails will give the nail set a charming and attractive appearance. In particular, black gel nails can be decorated with many different types of accessories, giving your hands or feet unique highlights. This is definitely a nail design that you should not miss.

"Set The black mother of pearl nail set has a mysterious beauty
"Nail Black mother-of-pearl nails create a highlight that makes your hands attractive

Nude nail polish is a popular trend today. Nude color is relatively easy to combine with many different decoration styles. Not only that, nude nails are also suitable for many skin tones. Whether your skin is light white or dark, the nude mother of pearl nail set will definitely not disappoint you.

"Do Nude mother of pearl nails are a prominent trend today
"Thiet Nude mother of pearl nail designs are suitable for many different styles

Golden mother-of-pearl gel nail designs are the top choice suitable for luxurious fashion style. Golden mother of pearl nails radiate a warm energy source that helps the owner’s hands become more attractive. Not only that, golden yellow also has a special meaning in feng shui as it is said to bring the owner abundant life energy and fortune. This is also a good color for those whose destiny belongs to the Metal or Earth elements.

"Nail Golden mother of pearl nails show the owner’s luxurious fashion style
"Sample Golden mother of pearl nail designs are said to bring luck and prosperity

For a girl with a gentle personality, purple mother-of-pearl nails will definitely be the right choice. The purple nail set represents her sophistication, gentleness and femininity. In addition, this nail color also symbolizes fidelity.

"Nail Purple mother of pearl nails carry a gentle beauty
"Sample The nail design emphasizes the femininity of the owner

Made up of passionate red and dynamic yellow, orange is one of the colors that brings a lot of positive energy to its owner. The warm orange nail set is the perfect choice for those with active personalities who like to explore new things and often experiment with beautiful nail decorations.

"Sample Orange mother of pearl nail design carries endless energy
"Type This nail style is suitable for those who pursue a dynamic style

Blue is also one of the colors frequently used to decorate hidden mother of pearl nails. Blue nails carry a quiet and pure energy. When you look at clear blue nails, you will feel like looking up at the blue sky and get yourself a feeling of love and peace. The blue nail set decorated with mother of pearl is the right choice for those who pursue a gentle, attractive but not too outstanding appearance.

"Nail Blue mother of pearl nails have a deep beauty
"Sample Nail designs bring feelings of love every time you look at them

If you are planning to get hidden mother of pearl nails, Beauty World is one of the most ideal destinations. You will be consulted by a professional nail technician in choosing and implementing a satisfactory nail design.

You should choose Beauty World for the following reasons:

  • Professional nail technicians with many years of experience are always ready to advise on the most beautiful and impressive nail designs.
  • The nail care process is built according to international standards to ensure safety and avoid the risk of infection during the procedure.
  • Genuine imported nail polish products with good quality and high durability.
  • Professional customer care ensures customer benefits when getting nails done at Beauty World.
  • Many attractive incentive programs help customers save money when getting their nails done.

With the above, The World of Beauty has been trusted and chosen by customers for a long time. If you want to have an impressive set of gel nails with hidden mother of pearl nail designs, please contact 1800 2024. Our specialists are always ready to help you quickly schedule a nail appointment.

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