Gorgeous Images Capture a Young Barn Owl’s Strengthening Muscle Run Prior to Its First Flight

A 64-year-old woman named Hannie Heere from the Netherlands captured a cute moment of a young barn owl practicing its flying skills. The photo went viral after it was shared online, featuring the bird seemingly sprinting in mid-air. However, according to Miss Heere, the owl was actually just exercising and building up its muscles.


A cute little barn owl has taken social media by storm with a recent viral photo. The adorable picture captures the baby bird looking like it’s in a hurry to get to an important appointment. The image was snapped by Dutch photographer Hannie Heere who has been passionate about photography for most of her life. Although she has only started taking it seriously in recent years, she managed to capture this priceless moment that people just can’t seem to get enough of.


Hannie was on a photography expedition outside the city when she came across a barn owl chick. The adorable little creature still had its fluffy white baby feathers, indicating that it couldn’t fly yet. It’s interesting to note that owlet’s are capable of flapping their wings only after 7-8 weeks of age. However, even before that, they are able to walk around their nest thanks to their sturdy legs.


Here’s the story behind this adorable photo – a tiny owl decided to take a little jog and fortunately, a skilled photographer was able to capture the moment perfectly. The resulting image quickly became a hit on social media, with everyone falling in love with the charming baby bird. According to Hannie, the photographer responsible for the shot, she was lying on the ground when she spotted the young bird who couldn’t fly yet but wasn’t afraid. From a distance of around 16 feet, she was able to snap the unforgettable photograph.


The photographer was taken aback by the unexpected popularity of her photo on social media. The charming image caused quite a stir online, much to her surprise. She expressed her amazement, saying, “I was really surprised.” To see more of Hannie’s photographs, check out her Facebook page!


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