Happy in Their New Home, Twin Kittens Develop Into Joyful Ginger Cats

Twin kittens are so thrilled to have a comfy place to stay after being rescued from a tough situation.


Two orange tabbies found themselves at a rural shelter in southern Indiana, in need of rescue. The facility didn’t have the space or resources to keep them, and that’s when ARPO, an animal rescue in Indianapolis, stepped in to help.

“A wonderful lady saved them and took care of them for a few days until they could hitch a ride in transport to make their way to us,” Lori White, a foster volunteer of ARPO, shared with Love Meow.

The feline siblings named Frances and Johnny were very underweight and had upper respiratory infections. Despite it all, they were so happy to be in a home environment and have someone to cater to them.


“I saw their sweet faces behind the kennel door bars and knew they had to get on the next transport to come to me,” Lori shared. “Their eyes needed some attention, but that’s often an easy fix with medication.”

The twins were started on antibiotics and eye drops immediately after arrival. They loved being in their cozy new nest filled with soft things and having access to an abundant supply of food.


“From the start, they were both super friendly (despite how crummy they must feel). They will purr as soon as they see someone come in the room. They love to be held,” Lori told Love Meow.

After a few days, the kittens bounced back on their paws and began creating all sorts of antics with their new-found energy.


They would try to climb anything they could put their paws on. Frances, the more outgoing of the two, would lead the way in every excursion while Johnny would watch her intently before joining in the fun.

With good food, clean environment, and plenty of TLC, the two tabbies have made incredible strides. Their eyes are bright, faces are clean and they are fluffier than ever.


Resident cat Audrey popped into their foster room for a meet-and-greet. The kittens were curious and in awe to see a big kitty with such confidence strutting about.

Audrey has this charm about her that commands attention from everyone around her.


The kittens have turned into expert supervisors, always wanting to know what their humans are doing.

“These two were quite ‘helpful’ as I was trying to re-organize my closet and sort clothes on my bed one afternoon.”


The feline siblings have taken over the big bed and scoured every nook and cranny in the room. Their personalties are shining through.

“Frances has a habit of wanting to climb on anything and everything — people’s legs, backs, towels, chairs, you name it,” Lori shared with Love Meow.


The brother and sister have flourished into healthy, fluffy, and very playful young cats.


“Three weeks ago, Frances and Johnny were in a kennel at the shelter, hoping someone would save them. Look at the difference a few weeks of love and care makes!”


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