I hope every girl is like Taylor Swift and finds her own Travis Kelce!

Taylor Swift not only wrote a new definition of a genuine concert series called The Eras Tour. She also introduced to the world a brand new “boyfriend material” that every girl hopes to have – Golden Retriever Boyfriend – through her sweet love affair with her boyfriend Travis Kelce.

On the stage of The Eras Tour recently, Taylor Swift surprised and admired fans when Travis Kelce carried her out and did her makeup right on stage. Not only that, he also comfortably enjoyed the performance with the dancers to support his superstar girlfriend. This is the first time he officially “introduced” Taylor Swift’s fans on her stage, even though he has always been a familiar audience member at The Eras Tour stage throughout the time. the couple started dating.

Fairy tales bounce today

Once upon a time, I fell in love with “flying boys” wearing leather jackets, driving large motorbikes, with flowing hair, and careless yet seductive eyes. All the most toxic things about them – playing around, fear of commitment, mommy issues… – are the things that make us fall for them after just one glance and a few flirting sentences. The end of these quick drunkennesses, easily seen, is often long nights filled with tears and a series of text messages of reproach and sadness. Most of them never received a response.

Nowadays, the god of love must have rewritten the plot for love relationships. The female protagonists in modern stories are girls who know how to love themselves, understand their value, and realize that they deserve a gentle, tolerant and understanding love. That’s when the “Golden Retriever” boyfriends were automatically selected for the male lead roles.

At this point, you will wonder: What kind of guy is Golden Retriever Boyfriend?

Just like a big, cheerful and affectionate Golden Retriever, Golden Retriever Boyfriend is a mature, stable, loyal, romantic, straightforward and a bit naive, blind boyfriend who is very… cute. . Not letting his girlfriend feel insecure or second-guessing her, the Golden Retriever boyfriend is willing to give his love sincerely and completely. He is absolutely not ashamed to express his feelings for the girl he loves. Golden Retriever boyfriends must be the most knowledgeable people in the world, because they always know how to enter the hearts of everyone they have the opportunity to come into contact with.

The term Golden Retriever Boyfriend appeared for the first time on TikTok and best-seller of every newspaper, the Golden Retriever Boyfriend concept really exploded as a true “fever”, with more than 20.5 million views on TikTok. That’s right, the era of bad boys with inconclusive “mind games” competitions is over. After so much grief and brokenness, what women’s hearts need most right now is a sweet protective embrace, very natural acts of care, and public and proud hand holding. in public places, and sincere words of love that are not hidden.

After all, who wants to wake up every day with puffy eyes from crying all night, right?

“It’s him!”

The portrait is clear. But how to recognize “Golden Retriever material” in a crowded place? A bouquet of flowers on a… normal day? A text complimenting your newly trimmed hair, it looks so pretty? Or a small gift they bought just because when they saw it, they suddenly thought of you?

Don’t let you guess any longer, below are some bullet points to identify your Golden Retriever boyfriend for you to write down in your notebook right away!

He is romantic, affectionate and thoughtful.

He’s not afraid to shout to the world how crazy he is about you!

He’s always excited to see you, and listens attentively to you telling all sorts of trivial stories about your day.

He is not afraid to share his emotions, both happy and sad.

He embodies all five love languages: Touch, time together, thoughtfulness, words of love, gifts.

He never stops getting to know you (even after you two are officially together), and makes an effort to understand your family, friends, and everyone important in your life.

He’s interested in the things you’re passionate about.

He is a gentleman with polite gestures and a pure heart. Someone who knows how to appreciate the little joys of this life.

He is proud of you and what you do. He absolutely supports every step in your career, every dream and ambition you have. He is willing to step back to let you shine and is not afraid of your light overshadowing his achievements.

Next time you go to the airport, pay attention to the bright eyes of men and young boys when they see their lover coming. Because chances are, you’re right next to a real-life Golden Retriever Boyfriend!

Of course, that doesn’t mean their girl has the right to take that love for granted. These boyfriends still need to be loved, stimulated, and “reminded” in time, otherwise, there is a possibility that this “ignorant guy” will drive his other half crazy!

“I want my own Travis Kelce. Or a Tom Holland. Or a Binz!”

Looking at the proud and proud way Travis Kelce talked about his girlfriend, for a moment, we almost forgot they had only recently started dating. This must be one of the few cases where the real timeline suddenly becomes meaningless, because perhaps their (and the majority of fans’) feelings about their time together have surpassed the number of months and days that have passed. take place. Player Travis Kelce also played the most enthusiastic cheerleader for his girlfriend.

“Being around Taylor and seeing how talented she is, it’s always been a truly amazing experience. I’m still learning every day.” Travis Kelce, a man who admits he’s “not good” “” but will use all the beautiful words and ideas to praise his girl every time the press asks about her.

Certainly, Travis Kelce’s public appearance has raised the standard of “boyfriend material” for the masses to a new level. Surfing around Threads, it’s not difficult to come across posts like “I need a boyfriend like Travis Kelce or more”. A boyfriend has his own career, loves his girlfriend’s confidence and fully supports her career dreams. The boyfriend is absolutely proud and ready to show his pride and passion for what his girlfriend can do – because he also has his own achievements and he appreciates everything about her.

Before Travis Kelce, Tom Holland was also proud to be one of the top representatives of the boyfriend squad… simp lord. Love the way “Spider-Man” sticks to his lover, and turned his Instagram channel into the fan account with the most followers of his girlfriend Zendaya. From online to real life, from the red carpet to the street, Tom Holland freely shows his loving gestures for Zendaya in a completely public way. From the proud compliments to the never-ending hand holding, or the extremely “novel” hand-holding in his pocket, Tom Holland thoroughly enjoys this never-ending “salary-giving” scene.

So what about the representative from Vietnam? +1 nomination for rapper Binz! The romantic turned around, where is the bad boy Binz now? Now, the rapper in the hearts of fans is a sweet, romantic, extremely… shy and cute boyfriend. Binz held the guitar and sang a love song written for Chau Bui. Binz did not hesitate to flirt with “Asia” publicly. Binz did not hide his emotions when reading his girlfriend’s handwritten letter. Binz proudly showed off the box of marshmallows his lover personally prepared for him before entering Anh Tai’s shared house. Binz freely admitted that of the two, he is the one who loves more. It took a while for Binz and Chau Bui to officially announce themselves as a couple to the public, but before that, Binz had never been ambiguous or deliberately hidden his love.

One vote for Golden Retriever boyfriend!


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