If Taylor Swift chooses one dish for her whole life, she will choose this dish because it is delicious and rich in collagen, helping to beautify the skin and keep you young for a long time.

Taylor Swift is one of the most prominent and influential artists in the international music industry today. Born on December 13, 1989 in America, from a young age she showed a passion for music and art. The female singer started her music career very early, at the age of 14 to pursue her dream of becoming a country music singer.

To date, she has won countless prestigious awards, including many Grammy Awards, MTV Video Music Awards and American Music Awards. Taylor is famous for her ability to write music that reflects her personal and social life, attracting sympathy and love from millions of fans around the world.

Nếu chọn 1 món ăn cả đời, Taylor Swift sẽ chọn món này vì vừa ngon lại giàu collagen, giúp đẹp da, trẻ lâu - Ảnh 1.

Taylor Swift is one of the most famous female singers at the moment.

Not only stopping at her music career, Taylor Swift is also a symbol of kindness and dedication to charity activities. She has contributed millions of dollars to charities, aided natural disaster victims, and promoted social issues such as education, women’s rights, and gender equality.

In addition, Taylor Swift is also an excellent model and actress. She has participated in several films and television shows, and is also the face of many famous brands. With her beautiful appearance and unique fashion style, Taylor always appears prominently in magazines and major events.

Nếu chọn 1 món ăn cả đời, Taylor Swift sẽ chọn món này vì vừa ngon lại giàu collagen, giúp đẹp da, trẻ lâu - Ảnh 2.

Taylor Swift recently held a successful The Eras Tour, earning huge profits.

Taylor’s favorite dish

Thanks to her talent and great appearance, Taylor Swift’s “every move” is always sought after by fans, especially her diet secrets to stay in shape. Many people always wonder what the female singer eats every day and how she exercises to maintain her health and beauty.

In an interview with Vogue magazine, if she were to choose her favorite drink, it would be coffee. In the case of having to choose to “befriend” one food and eat it for life, Taylor did not hesitate to choose chicken stew . She loves it because of its convenience, deliciousness, and general health benefits.

Nếu chọn 1 món ăn cả đời, Taylor Swift sẽ chọn món này vì vừa ngon lại giàu collagen, giúp đẹp da, trẻ lâu - Ảnh 3.

Taylor Swift has a strong passion for chicken stew because it is rich in nutrients.

In general, chicken stew is a nutritious dish, bringing many health benefits and providing protein, vitamins and essential minerals. More specifically, chicken stew contains Vitamin A, which is important for maintaining a healthy immune system, and Vitamin B, known for promoting cellular health.

Not only is it delicious, stewed chicken also has medicinal uses. The hot steam from this dish will clear your nose, while the chicken broth will soothe your sore throat, especially good during the cold season. In addition, stewed chicken also has moisturizing properties, helping to reduce symptoms of stomach pain and minor illnesses that can be treated at home.

In addition, the benefits of chicken stew don’t stop there, no wonder Taylor Swift loves this dish:

– Supports weight loss

Stew chicken is not only a delicious dish, but can also help lose weight effectively. Chicken when stewed will retain many nutrients, be gentle and easy to digest, helping provide energy without adding calories to the body.

One of the important benefits of chicken stew for weight loss is its ability to reduce hunger. The combination of filtered water, quality chicken and lots of stewed vegetables creates a dish rich in fiber. This helps maintain a feeling of fullness for longer and prevents overeating.

The main ingredients in chicken stew, such as chicken protein, also help maintain and restore muscle during weight loss, while also keeping the body from losing too much muscle mass. So if you want to lose weight, stewed chicken is one of the great choices.

Nếu chọn 1 món ăn cả đời, Taylor Swift sẽ chọn món này vì vừa ngon lại giàu collagen, giúp đẹp da, trẻ lâu - Ảnh 4.

Stew chicken is very nutritious but does not add many excess calories to the body.

Supplement collagen for the skin

Collagen is a protein found in the bones, skin, and cartilage of animals. It plays an important role in maintaining the elasticity and structure of the skin, as well as the suppleness of joints and bones. Chicken stew is made from chicken bones and chicken meat, which is a very good source of natural collagen.

Specifically, chicken broth cooked from chicken bones contains a lot of collagen. When we stew the chicken, the collagen begins to dissolve and mix into the chicken water. So when eating stewed chicken, this collagen is absorbed by the body, used to regenerate cells, support soft and moist skin, and can also help improve the elasticity of joints and bones.

For those interested in beauty and skin health, supplementing collagen through stewed chicken can bring special benefits. Collagen helps slow down the skin’s aging process, reduces wrinkles and increases water retention, creating softer and more elastic skin.

Nếu chọn 1 món ăn cả đời, Taylor Swift sẽ chọn món này vì vừa ngon lại giàu collagen, giúp đẹp da, trẻ lâu - Ảnh 5.

Chicken soup contains a lot of collagen to help keep skin bright, smooth and youthful.

– Good for the intestines

Chicken stew contains a large amount of glucosamine and gelatin from the joints when simmered. These compounds have the effect of protecting and healing damage to the digestive tract mucosa. Therefore, chicken stew is also suitable for people who are suffering from indigestion or have poor digestive function.

In addition, stewed chicken is also considered a dish that helps restore health after illness or when feeling tired. For those who have just undergone treatment or surgery, eat stewed chicken because it is light, easy to digest but rich in nutrients, helping to restore health quickly.

In addition, the ingredients in chicken broth can help strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation and support the wound healing process.

– Helps the mind relax and feel comfortable

Stew chicken also has the ability to soothe the body and improve mood. The warm, delicious flavor of stewed chicken along with spices such as ginger, garlic, pepper… can stimulate the senses and bring a feeling of comfort.

Besides, the spices used to stew chicken also have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, helping to prevent infections and improve overall health.

Nếu chọn 1 món ăn cả đời, Taylor Swift sẽ chọn món này vì vừa ngon lại giàu collagen, giúp đẹp da, trẻ lâu - Ảnh 6.

Eat chicken soup when you are not feeling well or have a lot of stress.

Be careful when eating stewed chicken

When enjoying chicken stew, there are some notes about health and nutrition that everyone needs to master to take full advantage of the benefits and avoid risks. Here are some things to note when eating stewed chicken:

– Choose fresh and quality chicken: You should buy fresh, clean chicken and not use preservatives or growth hormones. If possible, use organic or free-range chicken.

– Limit salt: When stewing chicken, limit the use of salt to ensure the flavor of the chicken is preserved, as well as prevent diseases when using a lot of salt.

– Do not cook for too long: Stewing chicken for too long can cause the loss of some important vitamins and minerals. You should only stew until the chicken is just tender to retain maximum nutritional value.

– Should add vegetables: Add more vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, onions, celery and mushrooms to enhance nutritional value. Vegetables not only provide vitamins and minerals but also help add flavor to dishes.

According to Marca, Health

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