Introducing Tora, the Explorer. Cat Has Traveled Almost Wholely Across America in a Truck With Her Human

Meet Tora, a 4-year-old Scottish straight cat who loves traveling and exploring new places. Her full-time job is being the assistant driver for her dad, David Durst, a 27-year-old trucker. She can’t actually drive (because she is a cat), but she is more than qualified for her position because she is a good girl and she is adorable. Together, Tora and her dad have visited nearly all American states in their truck.


Source: David Durst

Tora’s dad, David, had difficulty adopting a cat initially. The agencies told him that a truck would not be a good place for a cat to live. But then, just as he was about to give up, a breeder contacted him and sent him a photo of an 8-week-old kitten. That kitten was Tora, and David knew right away he had found what he was looking for—the perfect travel companion. “Tora” translates to “Tiger” in Japanese, which is, funnily enough, a fitting name to call your feline travel buddy.


Source: David Durst

“We got Tora when she was just eight weeks old and hit the road just three days later,” David said. “She was the bravest little kitten I’ve ever seen and took to the truck instantly. She loved looking out the window and taking in all the new sights. It was an instant fit,” he continued. So far, the duo has visited 46 out of 50 states in America, documenting their adventures on their Instagram account, which now has up to 24,100 followers. The amazing reception Tora received on social media shocked David. They not only made new online friends but also a lot of real-life ones too. “Tora loves to get out of the truck and explore, especially in big cities!” said David.


Source: David Durst

“My favorite memory with Tora isn’t one of the many places we’ve been or one of the things we’ve seen together; it’s actually the first time she walked confidently on a leash. Getting a cat used to walking??? on a leash is a daunting task on its own; add in the loud sounds of a truck stop, and for some, it becomes impossible,” David said about his most memorable moment with Tora “We were at a truck stop in Zuber, Florida, three weeks into having Tora on the road, and we took her outside to do some daily harness training,” he continued. Tora began exploring as soon as she touched the ground, and Dave ended up waiting two hours for her to get tired and settle down for some rest. “That day was a big step towards all of the adventures the future held,” he said.


Source: David Durst

Tora’s litter box is in the sleeper of the cab, and it is cleaned out twice daily. “This is the question we get asked the most by far,” joked David.


Source: David Durst

Tora and David’s story became so famous that they got featured in a documentary movie, “Cat Daddies.” Little Tora went is not only a truck cat but also a movie star now. “She’s been in so many new environments and met so many new people. Lots of new sounds, smells, and sights. It’s a lot on us as regular people, so I can only imagine what it’s like for her she’s just doing so well and we are so proud of her!” David shared on Instagram.image

Source: Cat Daddies

“We were skeptical about it [the movie] at first. It’s real and really good! We really encourage you to watch it in theaters if there is a showing near you,” said David when asked if “Cat Daddies” is real. Find out more about Tora’s debut silver screen feature “Cat Daddies” here, and if you want to get a closer look at Tora and David’s adventurous life, definitely consider watching it. If you enjoyed reading this article, please consider pressing Like and sharing it. Follow our website for more wholesome animal news like this.

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