It's also difficult for the world-famous director to buy tickets to watch Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour

Not only did director Steven Soderbergh express his special love and look forward to enjoying Taylor Swift’s live performance, he also admired the feats the female singer achieved.

According to Steven Soderbergh, there have been debates about bringing Taylor Swift’s successful model into university teaching, but to him, what Taylor Swift has done is unprecedented. Not only that, the music star also personally created those extraordinary results with his natural talent, hard work, and extremely serious, rare artistic attitude.

Đạo diễn nổi tiếng thế giới cũng khó mua được vé xem The Eras Tour của Taylor Swift - Ảnh 1.

Taylor Swift creates records with The Eras Tour (photo: Getty Images)

The director of famous movies like Magic Mike, Erin Brockovich or Ocean’s Eleven said he had to wonder how Taylor Swift could handle such a huge amount of work? How can The Eras Tour continuously create unprecedented records in world music history? How does Taylor Swift’s brain work?… For him, it is a story of fascinating success.

As a director who has made a prominent mark with biographical films based on true events, it is likely that Steven Soderbergh’s interest in Taylor Swift will become a source of inspiration for him to make a new film. Future. It may not be a specific character model reminiscent of Taylor Swift, but a story inspired by large-scale success like the female singer has achieved and in which the value of music is indispensable. .


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