More Than 15 Gorgeous Pink Nail Designs You Must See

Among countless nail polish colors, perhaps pink tone is the first choice of many women. This paint color not only shows tenderness and femininity but also easily transforms with a variety of styles, shapes and decorations.

Floral pink nail design

The flower-painted pink nail model is suitable for girls with dynamic and vivacious personality. Depending on your preferences, you can combine more colors with diverse patterns from flowers to add sweetness to your hands.

Jelly pink nail design

The jelly nail is inspired by the rose quartz stone – a symbol of love and happiness created by the blood of the goddess Aphrodite in Greek mythology.

Light pink nail design

The light pink color makes the hands more elegant but no less youthful.

Glitter pink nail design

If you’ve decided to choose pink, try adding a little shimmer to the nail set to add more accent!

Earthy pink nail design

With an earthy pink nail set, you can go to work, go out, and go to a party without feeling afraid of being too dazzling. This nail combined with an elegant outfit will make you attract a lot more sympathy from the opposite person!

Rhinetone pink nail design

This nail model both shows beauty and charm. It creates a highlight to help you become attractive in the crowd.

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French pink nail design

One of the nail polish styles that never go out of fashion is the French nail tip. With this one, you will not worry about the pink color dulling the skin or demanding elaborate costumes to match the nail set.

Pattern pink nail design

Another variation on a basic pink base is to draw simple details on the nails. For example, you can try yellow stripes or white dots, etc.

Sweet pink nail design

Another idea is Pastel color – a color that makes every girl fall. Pastel pink nail color will be like pink with a bit of milky white, both sweet and elegant enough.

Elegant pink nail design

Art is non-stop creativity. Pink nail designs with rhinestones are developed day by day.

Creative pink nail design

Let’s transform, and stylize them a bit with a mix of colors as well as personality motifs. You will be a sweet, gentle girl but no less strong personality.

Minimal pink nail design

You should only do simple details on the peach foundation to avoid overdoing it on the nails.

Blink pink nail design

Shimmering glitter let you always shine brightly. You will be outstanding and attractive whether the day is sunny, or the night is under dim lights.

Nude pink nail design

In addition to the basic paint style as above, you can mix it with some other pink colors to create more accents. A color is recommended for the same peach tone: nude pink.

Ombre pink nail design

In the collection of beautiful ombre nail designs, there are sweet and gentle pink nail designs. The hands become more soulful when relaxing the light to dark pink colors in the ombre style.

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Mirror pink nail design

This is a pretty impressive nail design with a bright mirror that makes your girlfriend’s hands sparkle when the sun or the light shines on them.

Marble pink nail design

A dotted detail on your nails is the iridescent stone veins. It gives your nails more shining.

Neon pink nail design

A girl who pursues a bold style and likes to stand out should definitely try neon pink once in her life. This color is making a strong comeback and is as popular as other color tones, especially loved by European and American girls.

Simple pink nail design

The fingers will be clear gel polish or a light color, then the outer edge of the nail will be outlined with a darker color or use white polish.

Mix&match pink nail design

These colors are not too out of tune when combined. You can mix them up or paint them in a peachy pink body style and nude, pale pink nail tips.

Puzzle pink nail design

You can also try purple with pink nail design. It’s much more interesting to test them like something aesthetic.

After the collection of 20+ pink nail design here, we hope that you can find the best choice for your next manicure. Stay tune and get ready with the new look!

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