Not a Football Fan: Georgina Rodriguez knew nothing about football before meeting Ronaldo; Ronaldo changed that.

Beauty Georgina Rodriguez said she and her boyfriend C. Ronaldo can talk for hours about many issues, except football because she doesn’t know anything.

“I was never interested in soccer when I was little. I just liked ballet and going out to the suburbs a bit. After that, I started to have feelings for soccer because I liked what my boyfriend did. But I’m not a player and the truth is that at home we don’t talk about football because I don’t know anything,” C. Ronaldo’s girlfriend shared in El Pais newspaper . Not fond of football, but the beauty many times went to the stadium to cheer for her boyfriend, in matches at Real, Juventus, MU and Portugal.

Girlfriend went to the stadium to cheer for C. Ronaldo when the Portuguese team played at Euro 2020 last June. Photo: Instagram Georgina Rodriguez

Girlfriend went to the stadium to cheer for C. Ronaldo when the Portuguese team played at Euro 2020 last June. Photo: Instagram Georgina Rodriguez

Georgina Rodriguez added that C. Ronaldo rarely mentioned football when the whole family sat together. Instead, she and the Portuguese superstar can talk for hours about child care, exercise, traveling, projects and business.

The beauty is about to celebrate her 28th birthday and C. Ronaldo has their first daughter, four years old, Alana Martina. Looking ahead, they will welcome twins in April. In addition, the striker born in 1985 also has three children of his own, all of whom are cared for by his girlfriend. Georgina Rodriguez said: “Neither Cristiano nor I consider Alana our only daughter. I have four children and all four call me mother.”

C. Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez can talk for hours about many issues except football. Photo: Instagram Georgina Rodriguez

C. Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez can talk for hours about many issues except football. Photo: Instagram Georgina Rodriguez

CR7’s girlfriend said she feels very happy now. “I am a positive thinker, not ambitious or calculating. I think everything goes well for me because I am not jealous, envious and greedy. Life would be simpler without those things. If you’re lucky, your life will continue to reach its destination. Of course I’m happy and feel satisfied,” Georgina said. Previously, the beauty also shared about the limitations of being famous, such as not being able to freely walk around without being recognized or asking for photos.

In a conversation with El Pais , the pregnant woman also mentioned the controversial slogan on a poster in Madrid promoting the upcoming documentary I am Georgina . The sign reads: “Before she sold bags, now she collects them” which is said to differentiate between rich and poor status. Georgina said she loves fashion regardless of high-end or low-end. “For me, going to the suburbs, spreading a towel and eating a sandwich is a luxury,” she said.

Both CR7 and his girlfriend do not distinguish between common children and stepchildren, treating them equally. Photo: Instagram Georgina Rodriguez

Both CR7 and his girlfriend do not distinguish between common children and stepchildren, treating them equally. Photo: Instagram Georgina Rodriguez

Georgina Rodriguez was born in 1994 in a family with an Argentinian father and a Spanish mother. The beauty is the youngest daughter, she has an older sister. Coming from a family with little money, Georgina Rodriguez knew how to make money early and always tried hard in life. In 2016, the beauty’s life turned upside down when she met and fell in love with soccer superstar C. Ronaldo. The one-child model is actively promoting a documentary about her journey from an unknown girl to a famous WAG. The film is scheduled to be released on January 27, Georgina’s birthday, and promises to attract attention by revealing the private lives of the star couple.

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