Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews Cherish Their Child’s First Christmas Celebration

Patrick Mahomes, 27, and his wife Brittany – who just welcomed a baby boy named Bronze on Nov 28, 2022 –  took their 21-month-old daughter Sterling to meet Santa Claus on Monday.

The youngest QB to ever be named Super Bowl MVP supported his daughter on Santa’s knee as he posed for family pictures in a blue button-up shirt, distressed jeans, and white sneakers.

Brittany, 27, showed off her impressive post-baby body less than one month after having her second child in a form-fitted green dress with one long sleeve and a diagonal cut across her chest.

First time meeting Santa: Patrick Mahomes, 27, and his wife Brittany took their 21-month-old daughter Sterling to meet Santa Claus on Monday

The mother-of-two shared the snap to her Instagram account and captioned the post, ‘We didn’t love Santa, but we didn’t scream! ️’

The Kansas City Chiefs’ current co-owner wore her long blonde hair down with a side part and dressed her little girl in red tights and a festive green and red jumper.

The happy couple shared another picture on both of their Instagram Stories, where they posed in front of a balloon arch made from Kansas City Chief colors.

The festive pictures offer a glimpse into the happy couple who seem to be more in love than ever.

She wasn't a huge fan of Santa: The mother-of-two captioned the post, 'We didn¿t love Santa, but we didn¿t scream! ¿¿'
So in love: The happy couple shared another snap where they posed in front of a balloon arch made from Kansas City Chief colors
Bronze and Sterling: Just days after welcoming her son Patrick 'Bronze' Levon Mahomes III, Patrick Mahomes' wife Brittany Mathews shared the first snap of Bronze and his big sister Sterling Skye

Earlier this month, just days after welcoming her son Patrick ‘Bronze’ Levon Mahomes III, Brittany shared the first snap of Sterling getting close to her baby brother, who was wrapped in a blanket.

The former professional soccer also shared another picture of Sterling checking out a wall of shoes at a store, adding in the caption, ‘Meanwhile, @patrickmahomes we’re in trouble.’

The newlyweds first announced their second child back in late May, with the caption simply stating, ‘Round 2!’

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Trouble: She also shared another snap of Sterling checking out a wall of sneakers at a store, adding in the caption, 'Meanwhile, @patrickmahomes we're in trouble'
First photo: Both Patrick and Brittany shared the first photo of Bronze on Monday, though, as with the Thursday photo, neither showed the newborn's face

The couple was pictured with their daughter who held a sign that read, ‘Big Sister Duties Coming Soon.’

Brittany and Patrick were married in Hawaii in March 2022, and have traveled back there many times throughout the course of their relationship.

Mahomes and Matthews first met and started dating as sophomores while attending Whitehouse High School in Texas and have persevered throughout his rapidly growing career.

At work: Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Mahomes throws the ball during a game
Proposed: Mahomes proposed to Matthews on September 1, 2020, in a suite at Arrowhead Stadium, the same day he received his Super Bowl ring

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