Romantic Photos Of Pacific Parrotlets And Their Loving Bond

In addition to all the beauties it contains in nature, they are birds that are always elegant and symbol of the balance of the universe. Birds are often required in the conditions of freedom, strength, speed, elegance and peace. It is possible to meet birds everywhere from the centers of the cities to the peaks of the mountains, and birds are one of the most photogenic creatures. In a well-composed photograph, the bird is an art in itself.

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Photographer Rupa Sutton is an owner of 4 “pocket parrots” – pacific parrotlets. They are tiny and adorable and full of personality. Lovingly Sutton calls them ‘The Floofs’, and this is their photo series that shows just how loving and intelligent they are.

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“My flock can be completely crazy, which is absolutely normal for Parrotlets,” shares Sutton. “They chase and fight with each other daily and there was definitely some shoving and pushing that went on at the bath. But when needed, they come together and take care of each other.” In the beginning, they were the fantastic 4 – Sprig, Winter, River, and Rain. Unfortunately, Rain passed away.

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“The daily squabbles were thrown out the door as they helped each other get through that very difficult time.” Soon a new fourth member arrived by the name Willow. The birds seem to be in pairs and have unique relationships with each other. “River and Winter are not as passionate as Sprig and Willow… but their bond is growing stronger each day. It seems there are different kinds of love and relationships with birds as there are for us humans.”

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The adorable feathered creatures live with their bird mom, Rupa Sutton. She never knew the impact that these little guys would have on her life. She’s been using her camera to capture the birds’ big personalities and the series of photos have developed to tell a love story as old as time.

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Beautiful pastel-colored pacific parrotlet. “It seems there are different kinds of love and relationships with birds as there are for us humans”. Photographer and owner of these birds lovingly calls them ‘The Floofs’. Artist has 4 “pocket parrots” and their names are: Sprig, Winter, River, and Willow. They seem to be having unique relationships by creating 2 couples. “River and Winter are not as passionate as Sprig and Willow”. They are so posing here and resting in a loving embrace.

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She said that; “Observing and interacting with them has brought so much joy and laughter into my life. I’m captivated by their beauty, their intelligence and their sweetness.” She also mentions that the birds have quickly become her favorite subjects to photograph, and it’s no wonder! The birds’ beautiful pastel coloring makes for strikingly gorgeous photo nearly every time. “They’ve quickly become one of my favorite subjects to photograph.” The birds have very big personalities. They’re somewhat mischievous, but spend a lot of their time preening one another and showing the others how much they love them. Source: Freya Ever After

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