Selena Gomez and her kidney-donating actress friend officially resolved the ungrateful drama, releasing dating photos after a year off.

The drama between Selena Gomez and her close friend, kidney donor Francia Raisa, has officially ended after more than a year. On their personal Instagrams, both Selena and Francia showed off a series of photos wearing gorgeous clothes to dinner with close friends, including their female executive assistant and confidant Theresa Mingus. So this pair of close friends who have been together for 15 years has officially resolved the ungrateful noise and squashed the rumors of quitting.

To further strengthen her belief in this reconciliation of hatred, Francia Raisa even reposted the story of the two accidentally wearing matching clogs from Selena’s Instagram with the caption: “No complaints, just Salsa “. This is said to be Francia’s affirmation, clarifying that there are no more stressful issues between them, but only a comfortable moment of enjoying dinner, wearing matching outfits.

Selena and Francia simultaneously posted stories about having fun, resolving the drama of being ungrateful and taking a break, causing turmoil on social networks for more than a year.

Selena Gomez và cô bạn diễn viên hiến thận chính thức hoá giải drama vô ơn, tung hẳn ảnh hẹn hò sau 1 năm nghỉ chơi - Ảnh 2.

Selena Gomez dressed up very seductively to go to dinner with Francia and her close friends

Selena Gomez và cô bạn diễn viên hiến thận chính thức hoá giải drama vô ơn, tung hẳn ảnh hẹn hò sau 1 năm nghỉ chơi - Ảnh 3.

Who would have thought that both the female singer and her kidney donor friend Francia were wearing clogs with the same pattern, matching like a couple even if it was just a coincidence. Francia also attached a note confirming that there were no arguments or complaints between the two people during this meeting

Previously in an interview with Rolling Stone, Selena Gomez affirmed that she only has one close friend in the entertainment industry, Taylor Swift. Meanwhile, Francia is also active in the entertainment industry as an actress. Selena herself also posted a post thanking Francia for donating her kidney in 2017, and affirmed that the two were soulmates. Before Selena’s statement, Francia officially unfriended her and kept this status until now. From here, the audience also criticized the singer Ice Cream , sarcastically mocking the female singer for being ungrateful, which is why she was ignored by her best friend.

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Until July 27, the female singer Love You Like a Love Song suddenly posted a series of photos taken with Francia on Instagram with 426 million followers to wish her friend a happy birthday, and at the same time dispel rumors of a break from playing. and ungrateful. Worth mentioning, Francia ignored Selena’s move while still reposting a series of birthday wishes from other friends on social networks.

Notably, right after Selena and Francia showed off photos during their outing. Mutual friend Theresa Mingus suddenly posted a series of photos of her hanging out with Francia and Selena, the most notable of which was the re-share of a hidden warning message: “I don’t care how sneaky you are and what you do. no matter how many tricks you have, God will not leave you alone and stab righteous people in the back. Many viewers believe that this is a warning from Theresa Mingus to the forces spreading false news and tarnishing the image of Selena and Francia.

Selena Gomez và cô bạn diễn viên hiến thận chính thức hoá giải drama vô ơn, tung hẳn ảnh hẹn hò sau 1 năm nghỉ chơi - Ảnh 5.

Theresa Mingus suddenly shared a meaningful warning message right in the middle of a series of stories about Selena and Francia’s relationship-resolving outing.

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