Selena Gomez: Attention-grabbing master has an “algorithm” and has been dating Justin Bieber for 14 years

The love story of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin has been a special topic that has attracted attention in recent days thanks to its happy ending. The couple finally has good news and is preparing to welcome their first child. And despite attracting more than 15 million likes and thousands of congratulatory comments from both the audience and A-list stars for the announcement post, the famous male singer and his wife still had to “share” the spotlight for… . ex-lover Selena Gomez. It can be said that Selena Gomez is the audience’s obsession in Justin Bieber’s life.

Despite dating many famous stars in the past, the love story of these two stars has always been the most talked about by mass audiences and… repeated over the past 14 years. The couple named Jelena (combined from Justin and Selena), started their relationship in 2010, broke up so many times that it became the most complicated relationship in Hollywood history and officially broke off their relationship in March. /2018. Worth mentioning, Justin Bieber married Hailey Baldwin in September of the same year. Previously, a large part of the public always thought that Hailey was a “little girl”, Selena’s alternative to Justin Bieber and obsessed with her husband’s ex-lover. However, many of the following details contribute to making the audience turn around to ask the question, is Selena Gomez the one who has attachments to Justin Bieber?

Selena Gomez: Bậc thầy lôi kéo sự chú ý có thuật toán và chấp niệm 14 năm với Justin Bieber - Ảnh 1.
Selena Gomez: Bậc thầy lôi kéo sự chú ý có thuật toán và chấp niệm 14 năm với Justin Bieber - Ảnh 2.

“Master” attracts attention

Selena Gomez is known as the queen of Instagram, the woman with the largest number of followers on the planet on this social networking platform with 428 million followers. She also achieved great success in business with a $2 billion cosmetics empire called Rare Beauty despite working mainly as a singer and actress. Having said this much, it is enough to help us get an overview of the remarkable level of promotion and marketing of this female singer born in 1992.

With limited singing and acting talent compared to other stars of the same age, to be as famous as she is today in a competitive showbiz, she must have a not simple mind when it comes to PR for herself. Selena Gomez is said to be a “marketing master” and a “queen of many tricks” in both personal love and relationships in her life. Below we can talk about some of the tricks the Lose You to Love Me singer often uses to regain her hotness.

Selena Gomez: Bậc thầy lôi kéo sự chú ý có thuật toán và chấp niệm 14 năm với Justin Bieber - Ảnh 3.

There is an “Algorithm” that Selena Gomez often uses to maintain her popularity on all social networking platforms even though her artistic activities have fluctuated over the years. And because of too much abuse, the audience can clearly see the famous singer’s ten tricks. Many people are openly sarcastic and bored every time Selena Gomez appears in a familiar way.

This “algorithm” follows the following pattern:

– Selena Gomez got into a drama with a certain star

– The drama ends with the two sides reconciling or fighting each other

– After 1-2 months or 1-2 years, this female singer will comment/react on social networks about any posts related to this drama or comments condemning the characters in this drama, once again sparking debates about old stories.

– After the controversy ended, Selena Gomez announced that she would stop using social networks because she could no longer stand the gossip.

– Selena Gomez returned to social networks a few days later as if nothing had happened.

The most typical example of this “algorithm” of the queen of many tricks is the noisy “eyebrows” with Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner in 2023. Since marrying Justin Bieber, Hailey has always been scrutinized, criticized and even accused of copycatting her husband’s ex. Everything seemed to have calmed down when Hailey and Selena took pictures together as close as sisters at the gala event of the Cinema Museum in Los Angeles in October 2022, until Selena Gomez once again made things worse. stress.

Selena Gomez: Bậc thầy lôi kéo sự chú ý có thuật toán và chấp niệm 14 năm với Justin Bieber - Ảnh 5.

Selena sparked drama with Hailey shortly after taking a photo of her and her sister, thinking they had resolved their relationship

In February 2023, Selena suddenly reacted to a fan video on TikTok of Hailey pretending to gag when mentioning Taylor Swift when hosting Drop the Mic many years ago. “Sorry but my best friend was and is one of the winners of this game,” Selena commented below the fan’s video. Many fans and netizens defended the close friends Selena – Taylor, likening Selena to a hero for standing up to protect her best friend even though… this noise has passed for many years.

The incident was pushed to a climax because of the noise that followed immediately afterward. Selena Gomez posted a video sharing the incident and damaged her eyebrows. Just a few hours later, Kylie Jenner posted a FaceTime screenshot between her and Hailey Bieber, along with the implicit status line: “Was that really an accident?”. Being accused of being “a jerk”, Kylie had to clarify that she had no malicious intent and even Selena agreed.

Selena Gomez: Bậc thầy lôi kéo sự chú ý có thuật toán và chấp niệm 14 năm với Justin Bieber - Ảnh 6.

Selena “dug up” Hailey Bieber’s old story…

Selena Gomez: Bậc thầy lôi kéo sự chú ý có thuật toán và chấp niệm 14 năm với Justin Bieber - Ảnh 7.

… and raised eyebrows with Hailey – Kylie

The consequence of the “kissing” drama between Selena Gomez and her friend Hailey Bieber is that Kylie lost more than 450,000 followers on Instagram, and Hailey Bieber lost more than 300,000 followers. At its peak, Hailey Bieber even had to text Selena Gomez for help because she was threatened with death after the “eyebrow” noise. Selena Gomez stood up to defend Hailey. The female singer showed her power and influence when she increased to 1 million followers within 9 hours of the noise. Worth mentioning, Selena announced that she would block her social networks because she couldn’t stand this scandal, but returned only 1 week later.

A similar technique was used by Selena in the remarkable story of her close friend Francia Raisa’s kidney donation. In 2022 – 2023, Selena Gomez was involved in the scandal of “eating porridge and stone bowls”, being ungrateful to her close friend who donated her kidney to her, Francia. After a stressful period of about a year, everything became quiet. The female singer suddenly sparked drama when she posted a happy birthday post to her best friend and directly tagged Francia Raisa’s account to get the owner’s attention.

Worth mentioning, Francia did not have any response and did not even like the post affirming Selena’s good friendship even though she continuously reposted the wishes of dozens of other close friends on her story. . Francia Raisa completely ignored Selena’s move, and this only heated up the heated argument about their friendship.

Selena Gomez: Bậc thầy lôi kéo sự chú ý có thuật toán và chấp niệm 14 năm với Justin Bieber - Ảnh 8.

Currently, Selena Gomez and Francia Raisa have reconciled, but the audience still cannot forget the ungrateful drama and controversial attitude of the former Disney star.

Before that, Selena Gomez closed and then reopened her Instagram account many times. In 2019, the female singer announced that she had deleted this application because too many negative comments under the posts made her depressed. And then a little while later, the female singer returned to this platform with 3 selfie photos in the bathroom.

She always declared that she was not interested in social networks and felt it was a waste because she could sometimes cry or worry when she read something online. To date, Selena Gomez is still active on Instagram. Most recently, the female singer got into trouble when she posted a sensitive photo congratulating her boyfriend, Benny Blanco.

Obsession with Justin Bieber

From the early days of public dating, Selena Gomez has always been Justin Bieber’s shadow. Even though she was famous a few years before Justin Bieber, because Justin achieved so much great success and stood out, Selena Gomez was always overshadowed by her boyfriend’s reputation. She is always labeled “Justin Bieber’s girlfriend”. The couple’s love story alone is enough to make Selena’s name appear continuously in the newspapers, even though she has not achieved any outstanding success in either the film or music fields.

Therefore, for many years, Selena has always been assumed by many people to be “famous for being Justin’s girlfriend”. In an interview with Vogue Australia, the female singer herself admitted that, despite her constant efforts in art, Selena’s love story with Justin is always a more discussed topic. She once asserted that she was too tired and sick of it. However, Selena’s actions show the opposite. From dating to breakup and until now, Selena Gomez is still heating up her name with her past story with Justin Bieber.

Selena Gomez: Bậc thầy lôi kéo sự chú ý có thuật toán và chấp niệm 14 năm với Justin Bieber - Ảnh 10.

It happened when Justin broke up with Selena and joined Sofia Richie. Justin once had to stand up and post a comment threatening to set his Instagram account to private mode if fans didn’t stop attacking his new girlfriend Sofia Richie. Selena suddenly criticized Justin, saying he should stop posting photos of his new girlfriend instead of threatening fans. Selena’s actions caused a lot of controversy and raised the question “Why did you publicly criticize Justin for an issue that has nothing to do with you?” Selena knows that she is a celebrity, any of her actions online can be headlined in the newspaper. If you want to advise Justin, Selena can send a private message. But no, she chose to “publicly lecture” her ex-boyfriend right on his Instagram account.

Being “educated about his life” by his ex-girlfriend in front of the whole world like that, Justin couldn’t help but feel frustrated and responded to his girlfriend with a series of comments claiming that she took advantage of his reputation when they were dating. Not long after, the male singer also deleted his Instagram account. Realizing her mistake, Selena apologized to Justin. But… even to apologize, Selena had to show the world by posting on Snapchat: “What I said was so selfish and meaningless”. Once again, the name Selena Gomez is associated with Justin Bieber causing fever all over the Internet.

Selena Gomez: Bậc thầy lôi kéo sự chú ý có thuật toán và chấp niệm 14 năm với Justin Bieber - Ảnh 11.

When it came to dating new love Sofia Richie, Justin Bieber couldn’t escape the drama with Selena Gomez

In 2020, Selena released the song Lose You to Love Me , causing a storm across social networks with a message embedded in every lyric or tormenting melody. Not surprisingly, Justin Bieber was once again called out. Talking about this song, the famous star admitted that he had rethought his old relationship, admitted that he had gone through difficult challenges and found the strength to move on. The song became the song that ended the love story of the century, a nod by Selena herself to accept the bittersweet ending of her love story with Justin Bieber.

Worth mentioning, at this time Justin Bieber has been married to Hailey Bieber for 2 years. Of course, a large audience still watched the MV and paid attention to this song because they were curious about what happened between Selena and Justin. However, many fans believe that Selena Gomez held on to her old love for too long, to the point of deciding to create a song and MV for the song and bring this work to promote everywhere even though Justin had already announced it. family in peace. This can make Justin Bieber feel awkward and Hailey Bieber also uneasy.

Selena Gomez: Bậc thầy lôi kéo sự chú ý có thuật toán và chấp niệm 14 năm với Justin Bieber - Ảnh 12.
Selena Gomez: Bậc thầy lôi kéo sự chú ý có thuật toán và chấp niệm 14 năm với Justin Bieber - Ảnh 13.

Fans are even more frustrated when Selena Gomez always “digs up” her old broken love story and the frequency of her statements alluding to Justin Bieber over the years is increasing. Almost all of the former Disney star’s “decisions to quit social networks” were directly or indirectly related to Justin Bieber.

Interviewed with Fast Company in 2023, Selena Gomez honestly shared why she quit social networks after becoming the most followed woman on Instagram in 2018. And the singer admitted to breaking up. with Justin Bieber influenced her decision. In 2023, Selena announced that she would quit social media because of the drama with Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber – Justin Bieber’s wife.

Selena Gomez: Bậc thầy lôi kéo sự chú ý có thuật toán và chấp niệm 14 năm với Justin Bieber - Ảnh 14.

In an interview for Twilio Signal 2023, the female singer hinted at her showbiz-famous breakup with Justin Bieber in the past: “When I went through that painful breakup, I wrote the song best of my career. I want to be there to motivate everyone regardless of gender who has gone through the same time as me. I know that many people deliberately drag you to the bottom. makes you fall. But I want them to know that they are not alone. If I can get through it, hopefully someone out there in the world can get through it too.”

Right after that, Selena also revealed that her favorite hit is Lose You to Love Me – a song said to be written about her toxic love affair with Justin Bieber. Many viewers accused the female singer of continuing to play tricks to stir up controversy, warm up her name and promote her new song Single Soon . This is also said to be a trick Selena has used for many years.

Selena Gomez: Bậc thầy lôi kéo sự chú ý có thuật toán và chấp niệm 14 năm với Justin Bieber - Ảnh 15.

For many years of marriage, Hailey Bieber has always been compared to Selena and rumored for every move said to be related to her husband’s ex-lover. She once had to plead with Selena’s fan community because she had to endure negative reactions related to the relationship between the three people: “Enough time has passed. I only care about work. My business. I didn’t do anything, I didn’t say anything. Leave me alone, please.” The female supermodel born in 1996 hinted that Selena and her husband had broken up a long time ago, it was time for everyone to accept the truth and let go of those involved.

Is it time for Selena Gomez to completely “isolate” herself from the name of Justin Bieber’s past? And just like Hailey said, it’s time for the audience to let go of their notions about Jelena and let the two artists move on with their own happiness.

Selena Gomez: Bậc thầy lôi kéo sự chú ý có thuật toán và chấp niệm 14 năm với Justin Bieber - Ảnh 16.

Selena Gomez is happy with famous producer Benny Blanco, and there are rumors about marriage

Selena Gomez: Bậc thầy lôi kéo sự chú ý có thuật toán và chấp niệm 14 năm với Justin Bieber - Ảnh 17.
Selena Gomez: Bậc thầy lôi kéo sự chú ý có thuật toán và chấp niệm 14 năm với Justin Bieber - Ảnh 18.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber also have a complete family, preparing to welcome their first child


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