Selena Gomez is about to return to the small screen

9X female singer and actress Selena Gomez dressed simply in a dark yellow knitted sweater with checkered pants, round metal earrings and combat boots. Last month, Selena and co-stars Steve Martin and Martin Short were also seen filming in Los Angeles, USA.

The Only murders in the building series belongs to the detective comedy genre revolving around three characters including Charles, Oliver and Mabel. What they have in common is their obsession with crime. One day, a gruesome death occurred inside the apartment building where all three people were living, drawing them closer and working together to find the culprit. During their work, Charles, Oliver and Mabel discover horrifying and unexpected truths.

Đeo khẩu trang đi quay phim cũng gây sốt như Selena Gomez: Nhan sắc sáng  bừng cả khung hình, đồ xuề xòa cũng không dìm nổi!
After 3 parts of the film, Selena Gomez attracted attention when receiving many compliments from experts for her role. The new part of Only murders in the building is expected to premiere later this year

What’s special is that this is a rare movie where Selena has starred in the last few years, because the once “Disney princess” is focusing on her cosmetics business.

Although Selena has not appeared as an actress for a long time, she has received many positive responses from critics. Even thanks to this role, the star born in 1992 received a Golden Globe Award nomination for the first time in his career.

Selena cùng các bạn diễn trong một cảnh quay của bộ phim
Selena and her co-stars in a scene of the movie

With recognition for being on the shortlist for the prestigious awards ceremony, Selena excitedly shared: “Oh my gosh. I’m so excited. I didn’t think I would get a nomination, really. I thought I wouldn’t be nominated, but I’m very happy.”

Participating in Only murders in the building is a new turning point in Selena’s film career. Not only taking on the female lead role, Justin Bieber’s ex-lover also participated in the production of this popular film series.

Cuộc sống hiện tại của Selena được đánh giá là yên bình khi đang hạnh phúc bên bạn trai mới Benny Blanco. Selena cũng đã thiết lập quan hệ đối tác với các thương hiệu như Puma và điều hành sản xuất các chương trình trên Netflix và HBO Max
Selena’s current life is considered peaceful as she is happy with her new boyfriend Benny Blanco. Selena has also established partnerships with brands like Puma and executive produced shows on Netflix and HBO Max

First released in 2021, the drama starring Selena Gomez was loved by both critics and audiences. On the film review site Rotten Tomatoes, Only murders in the building has achieved an excellent score of 100% from experts and television audiences.

This is considered a rare achievement, turning this detective series into a masterpiece of Hulu channel. Because of the film’s humor as well as the cast’s outstanding performances, Only Murders in the Building has won many prestigious awards, including a series of Primetime Emmy nominations for Best Comedy Series and Male. Best Actor for Steve Martin and Martin Short.

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