Selena Gomez wore a $13 manicure for the Cannes red carpet

Selena Gomez walked the 77th Cannes red carpet to celebrate the film she starred in – Emilia Pérez in a glamorous off-the-shoulder Saint Laurent gown styled by Erin Walsh. The body-hugging dress highlights the seductive curves of the 31-year-old actress from Texas, USA. While the dress’s bare shoulders and black Christian Louboutin heels gave the actress a classic movie star look, her Bvlgari jewelry and dazzling earrings were a lavish highlight. and gorgeous.

Notably, the diamond swan necklace worn by Selena Gomez has a bird wing shape embracing a 20-carat diamond. It took Bvlgari 2,000 hours to make, costing up to 2.4 million USD. Meanwhile, the actress’s vibrant classic Parisian red manicure costs only $13. That surprised and delighted millions of fans.

Selena Gomez attended the 77th Cannes Film Festival with a minimalist makeup style by Vietnamese makeup artist Hung Vanngo, including natural-colored lips, lightly lined eyes, and a sleek high ponytail with bangs. curled to hug the face. She wore an off-the-shoulder Saint Laurent dress with a white neckline that draped like an elegant silk shawl that slid down her shoulders.
Selena Gomez sơn bộ móng tay 13 USD đến thảm đỏ Cannes- Ảnh 2.
Bringing a beauty with strong contrasts in both aesthetics and… the value of fashion items and jewelry, the 31-year-old actress was applauded by those present in Cannes and millions of fans.
Selena Gomez sơn bộ móng tay 13 USD đến thảm đỏ Cannes- Ảnh 3.
Tom Bachik – Selena Gomez’s favorite manicurist emphasized that the “Parisian red” of the polish (as he calls it) really matches the actress’s seductive black off-the-shoulder dress. It is known that Bachik used Essie’s Gel Couture fashion nail polish in Rock the Runway as a way to show the actress’ positive attitude in this appearance and it is very affordable – only 13 USD while still ensuring “youthful, luxurious, sophisticated appearance”

Emilia Pérez is a Spanish-language musical film starring Zoe Saldaña, Selena Gomez and Karla Sofía Gascón, which received a standing ovation at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

In the film, Saldaña plays Rita, a highly qualified but underrated lawyer whose firm is more inclined to help criminals than seek justice. She finds an unexpected escape when fearsome drug cartel leader Manitas (Gascón) recruits her to assist him in secretly completing a sex change campaign to become the woman he’s always wanted. want to become. Selena Gomez plays his unexpected wife.

According to the New York Post, Selena Gomez shed tears when the film she participated in was applauded for 9 minutes, accompanied by a lot of cheers, whistles, and cheers at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival. In this film, the star America and her female co-stars shared the award for Best Actress

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