Sexy Selena Gomez overwhelms Victoria Beckham and her daughter-in-law

On February 3, Nicola Peltz held the premiere of Lola at the Regency Bruin Theater in Los Angeles, USA. This is an important milestone in the career of the Beckham family’s daughter-in-law as she takes on the role of director (and main actress) for the first time. In the film, Nicola plays a 19-year-old stripper addicted to drugs. She struggles to make ends meet while pregnant, desperate to get her younger brother, Arlo, out of a toxic home with an abusive mother. Photo: Shutterstock.
On this special occasion, Nicola showed off her slim figure in a white outfit, including a crop top and low-rise pants. While the outfit is modern, the actress born in 1995 chose classic makeup and puffy hair. Brooklyn contrasted with his wife when he appeared in a black suit and matching leather shoes. Photo: Shutterstock.
Brooklyn did not forget to show his affection for his wife of 4 years older than him with a sweet kiss on the cheek. Photo: Getty Images.
Victoria Beckham also came to support her daughter-in-law. The dark navy blue suit with loose curly hair and black high heels help the designer born in 1974 show off his ageless figure and charisma that is both elegant, feminine, powerful and arrogant. Photo: Getty Images/Shutterstock.
Nicola held her mother-in-law’s shoulder closely. After the wedding dress controversy in 2022, they seem to have reconciled and returned to being as close as before the million-dollar wedding. Not only did Victoria attend the movie premiere, she also helped her daughter-in-law promote the movie on Instagram. “We couldn’t be more proud of you! Congratulations on your incredible movie, Lola, which officially hits theaters on February 9! Sending kisses”. Photo: Shutterstock.
Nicola – Brooklyn took a photo with her mother and youngest brother, Cruz Beckham. Everyone possesses outstanding beauty. David Beckham missed the opportunity to reunite with his eldest son and his wife because he was busy taking the Inter Miami team to Hong Kong (China) for a friendly. The remaining two members of the Beckham family, Romeo and Harper Seven, were also absent. Photo: Shutterstock.
Nicola shares the frame with her father, billionaire Nelson Peltz, brother Will and special guest, Elon Musk. Photo: Getty Images.
As a close friend, Selena Gomez could not be absent from Nicola Peltz’s big day. However, the appearance of ex-lover Justin Bieber seems to overshadow the main character. Every detail on Selena’s body, from her hair, makeup, clothes to high heels, is perfect.
Selena’s figure may not be as slim as Nicola and Victoria’s, but her sexiness is definitely overwhelming. The white corset-shaped shirt helps the female singer born in 1992 show off her bust. The loose-fitting vest and baggy pants not only hide physical flaws, but also increase elegance. Smoky eye makeup combined with red lipstick really enhances Selena’s beauty. Photo: Shutterstock .
Netizens heaped praise on the former Disney star: “Love Selena. She looks amazing”, “Selena is beautiful”, “Selena’s hair looks so lovely”, “I really like Selena’s new look”… Selena Gomez started getting close to Nicola and Brooklyn in 2022. At that time, she had just caused controversy with her statement that she was only close to Taylor Swift in showbiz. She once called herself and the Beckham family’s eldest son “throuple”, a word that refers to the romantic relationship between three people. Photo: Getty Images/ Shutterstock.

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