Spring 2024: 30+ Chic April Nail Ideas That Shine

April brings a mix of spring vibes and fresh starts, making it the perfect month to update your nail art. This time of year is all about embracing the soft colors of budding nature and adding a playful touch to mirror the brighter days ahead. I’ve put together 30 nail art and design ideas that capture April’s essence, offering something for everyone. These designs range from understated elegance to bold statements, ensuring your nails stand out this season.

Pairing your April nails with your wardrobe is easy—think light, airy fabrics and gentle hues that complement the season’s beauty. Whether it’s a casual outing or a more formal event, matching your nail art with spring-inspired outfits will complete your look.

Regarding costs, simple designs start around $20-$30, while more elaborate creations can go above $50, depending on your salon and the design’s complexity. Opting for April-inspired nails is a way to celebrate the season’s charm, adding a touch of joy to every gesture.

1. Blue Floral


Since spring is knocking on our door, it’s time to welcome it as it should, right? Blue nails with blue and white flowers will be an ideal occasion for that, with shades of soft pink.

2. Green French


French green nails with white flowers are an excellent combination of colors and assembly for spring days. Where the flowers are, there is no French, but French is found on the nails without the design of the flowers. If you like it better, you can add French to those nails as well.

3. Two Shades Of Green


The color green is a true harbinger of spring. You can combine two shades of green, as was done in the photo. Darker green and lighter green colors go well with each other, and you can make different shapes out of them. Here is the case with curvy lines across the width of the nail.

4. Different Shapes


A different design on each nail in a different shape and color can be an interesting choice for bright spring days. Neon colors and other colors can be bright and bright like the sun.

5. Green With White Dots


If you don’t know exactly which design you want and which nail design is for you, you can always use abstract thoughts and feelings. In this photo, you can see a deep green color with white dots that make some unusual designs and shapes, and the shape of the nail is almond.

6. Strawberries And Pink Bows


For all fans of Strawberry Shortcake’s cartoons, but also for all of you who like strawberries otherwise. These nails belong to coquette girls nail art, so if you think you belong to that type, these nails will be ideal for you. The pink bow is a perfect detail.

7. Cute Floral


If you are not in favour of artificial nails, you can always opt for nails of natural length and a natural shape, as well as a neutral design that is not too striking. This design features small and cute flowers drawn on a light pink background.

8. Flowers


Spring is full of colorful colors from all sides, on trees, flowers or any other things. To welcome spring with the same strength, you can respond to it with bright colors and designs of flowers that are small and occupy the entire surface of the nail. The nails are bright and neon colors, as befits spring.

9. Hearts


Although February is considered the month of love, we believe that any other month can be the month of love. The whole year can be a year of love, right? That’s why these little hearts can be something with which you will welcome spring and something that will be synonymous with spring because spring is one of the most beautiful seasons.

10. Pastel Nails


Pastel colors have been represented more and more lately, and to follow the trend, we selected one photo for you. These pastel nails have French pastel colors and small flowers as symbols of spring. Pastel colors are soft and will go well with flowers.

11. Peach Nails


Peach colored nails. Peach blossoms are also found on the nails, and the orange color completes them. You can underline French with a white line to make it stand out even better.

12. Green French


Green thin French, over which there are flowers. These nails bear the symbol of a cartoonist and are often made for St. Patrick’s Day, but you can also make them as a harbinger of spring.

13. Golden Hearts


The golden color fits perfectly between white and shades of pink. White French completes the look. The golden hearts fit perfectly between the flowers and add spice to an already beautiful look, so these nails look clean and neat.

14. Pearls And Glitter


Pearls, white color and silver glitter are an excellent combination in one place. These nails are extremely striking, so you will be noticed wherever you appear. These nails are also good for spring because they are cheerful and interesting, just like this time of year.

15. Chic Nails


If your birthday is in April, you can make party nails like this and be different and stand out from the crowd! These nails are different, full of various elements, shine, glitter and delicate colors that will satisfy all your needs!

16. Simply Green


Let’s try something a little different, how about that? In the sea of ​​flowers, arena and everything spring, dare to be different and to be noticed for your simplicity! Plain olive green nails are a beautiful choice, something that goes with a lot of combinations and something you will keep coming back to!

17. Blueberry Dream


This blueberry blue color is beautiful, and the flowers created in a lighter shade are a real little addition that will leave you shocked at how beautiful they look! This color is not so well known but it is still beautiful and we are sure you would enjoy it!

18. Neutral Tones 


These neutral tones will give the appearance of your nails a real change and freshness. With this length and a few designs, your nails will be noticed and beautiful, and you will enjoy them and we are sure that you will not be able to stop looking at them!

19. Flowery Minimalism


If you are a fan of minimalism and want to do something with your nails and welcome spring in the spirit of flowers and pinks, these nails are perfect for you. These little flowers on such a simple manicure are beautiful and noticeable, yet so simple and beautiful. We are sure that everyone would be delighted with your nails

20. Strawberry Shortcake 


These beautiful details with these cheekbones are something that everyone would like. Small white pearls are a beautiful detail and accessory that entices with their beauty, and the white French that is full of cheekbones will steal your heart.

21. Flowery Design 


Plants, flowers, green leaves and colorful petals… sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? You can transfer that dream to your nails and thus constantly remember all the harbingers of spring that make you happy, and maybe remind you of your childhood and some beautiful memories you made during this beautiful season.

22. Simply Blue 


This beautiful shade of blue will simply satisfy all your senses. This beautiful short manicure is a wonderful way to refresh your hands without too much effort. If you are a supporter of simplicity, this is something that will amaze you!

23. Sparks & Shine


Such nails can be used for various occasions, not only for New Year’s. Shine and glamour are not only associated with the holidays, so you can keep your shine throughout the whole year. By the way, these beautiful nails can serve as a good inspiration for something like this!

24. Blue Flowers


More flowers, why not? In various editions, colors and shapes, they are a true harbinger of spring and are simply adorable and irreplaceable. These flowers and this beautiful French are an absolute hit and we are sure that many of you will want to own this nail art for yourself!

25. In Bloom


These nails are like a part of a beautiful flower meadow where you don’t know which flower is more beautiful! These colors will have a positive effect on your mood, will make a lot of eyes focus on you, and you will be an absolute favourite wherever you appear!

26. Pretty Pink


The beautiful pink color that was used for the French design and these flowers will bring freshness and pleasantness to you. Such beautiful nails are unique, evoke beautiful weather and are very eye-catching! Wonderful choice!

27. Lucky Charm Nails  


Green color, stars and rainbow… we call for good weather, a positive vibe and days that last longer! With these nails, you will feel beautiful, enjoy yourself and be noticed. These nails exude positivity!

28. Flowers & Swirls


This beautiful blue color goes fantastically with these cute flowers, gold glitter and soft colors in the corners of the nails which are beautiful and pastel. The French on the toe is a beautiful detail that is like the cherry on the top.

29. Red Colours & Pink Stars


The red color is the color of strawberries – a fruit that marks every good weather. Slowly but surely, the season of this beautiful fruit is coming, so you can mark the arrival of good weather with such charming nails.

30. Lavenders


The pastel purple color is beautiful and adds a beautiful touch to spring. Lavenders are also delicate, wonderful colors and smells, so they go perfectly with April nail designs like these. Short, sweet, but beautiful!

31. Spring Mix


Pastel colors, a lot of green, pink and blue colors… all this is associated with spring and all the charms it brings with it. From the New Year’s glamour, it is a real refreshment to enter such cheerful and beautiful colors that bring with them a good mood!

With plenty of styles to pick from, there’s something for everyone. Keep in mind, nail art costs can vary, but it’s a fun splurge that brightens your mood and style. Let your nails pop this April, embracing the season’s freshness with every tip.

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