Stunning Pink Nail Art for Glam Trendsetters!

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Nothing is hotter than, well, hot pink. And now spring and summer are getting closer (finally!), this shade is going to be *all over* your social media feeds.

So, I’ve been bookmarking the hottest pink nail designs I’ve been seeing while scrolling to bring you 30 that are absolutely sizzling, making sure you nail the trend.

From glitters to shimmers, chrome to matte, long to short and ombre to simple cute pink designs – there’s a hot pink mani for us all.

1. Black and hot pink nails with silver wire nail art

This ombre set was created on natural nails using an airbrush, topped off with some wires, stars and Kokoist’s Platinum Filler Base for the overlay… Probably one to screenshot for your nail tech!

black and hot pink nails

Image – @toothandnailnc/instagram

2. Orange and hot pink checkered and smiley face nails

A mismatch of 3 of 2024’s hottest trends – hot pink, smiley faces and checkered print.

pink and orange nails

Image – @beautytendernails/instagram

3. Funky floral green and hot pink nails

This mani gives serious Spongebob Squarepants in Bikini Bottom vibes – so cute!

All you need to create this set is a green base colour, 2 pink shades, and a dotting tool to create the flowers.

green and hot pink nails

Image – @peachinails/instagram

4. Light purple and hot pink aura nails with stars

Aura nails have been everywhere lately, most notably on the fingertips of Megan Fox, Vanessa Hudgens and Dua Lipa.

hot pink and purple aura nails

Image – @overglowedit/instagram

5. Almond hot pink nails with rainbow designs

Mix up the hot pink with some cute and colourful rainbow designs.

This set has hot pink on one hand and rainbow designs on the other, but this would look great with hot pink nails and rainbow feature nails instead!

hot pink almond nails

Image – @__emsgems/instagram

6. French tip hot pink nails with fried egg art

This set will definitely make you crack a smile (get it?!)

hot pink french tip nails

Image – @nailsbyheather.errington/instagram

7. Short hot pink nails with mismatched designs

Mismatched nails are another huge trend you’ll see in 2024 – and this set also combines the popular checkered nails trend.

short hot pink nails

Image – @peachinails/instagram

8. Acrylic hot pink and purple tropical summer nails

This set of super-long acrylics was created using Cupio polishes in the shades Paradise Found and California Sky Perfect Matte Finish.

hot pink acrylic nails

Image – @sandragiera/instagram

9. Gel hot pink nails

It’s giving Barbie. These gels were painted with The Gel Bottle in the shade Fairy Pink

hot pink gel nails

Image – @meraki_nails_cardiff/instagram

10. Glitter hot pink Barbie nails

Life in plastic! The jelly formula from @holotaco is *so* nice and perfect for the Barbie nails trend.

hot pink glitter nails

Image – @melanated.mani/instagram

11. Ombre hot pink and purple wavy line nails

Ride the wave with these cool ombre hot pink and purple gels.

ombre hot pink nails

Image – @ohmynailsnyc/instagram

12. Hot pink and orange flowers on a barely-there base

Another easy set to create using a nail dotter and Colour Me Pretty nail gels in the shades Zion, One More Pink, and Barely There.

hot pink flower nails

Image – @peachinails/instagram

13. Hot pink stiletto nails with 90s acid trip smiley faces

The 90s trend is still going strong (yey!), and this melted acid trip smiley face mani on hot pink nails is the *ultimate* nod to the trend.

hot pink stiletto nails

Image – @auranaildesign/instagram

14. Hot pink and nude pink swirl nails

Serious raspberry ripple vibes with this swirly mani! Perfect for summer, this set was created using OPI nail lacquers in the shades Put it in Neutral and A Kick in the Bud.

hot pink and nude pink swirls

Image – @lolo.nailedit/instagram

15. Leopard print hot pink nails

These ‘Stick It!’ foils from Lecente make it SO easy to have intricate leopard nail art.

Suitable for most nail types – gel polish, acrylic, hard gel or natural nails – Stick It! is an air-dry foil adhesive which can be used on natural nail polish.

pink animal print nails

Image – lecente

16. Hot pink bow nail design with pearls

With an iridescent pink base, this cute mani combines the bow and pearl trend that has been doing the rounds on social media since the end of 2023.

This look is easily created with 2 shades of pink, a thin nail brush, and some stick-on pearls. So cute.

hot pink bow nails

Image – pop_polished/instagram

17. Chrome hot pink nails

Chrome is still going *very* strong this year, and we’ve curated the ultimate chrome nails list for you to copy here.

hot pink chrome nails

Image – @nailqueennadia/instagram

18. White and hot pink nails

These bubblegum hot pink nails with white art can be created using a nail dotter or even a wooden cuticle pusher! Those who don’t have a steady hand may need the help of their nail tech.

white and hot pink nails

Image – peachinails/instagram

19. Silver and hot pink chrome ombre celestial nails

Dive into the celestial realm with these mesmerising silver and hot pink chrome ombre nails!

If you’re used to doing your own gels at home and fancy giving this a go, check out this tutorial from Dorota Palicka Nails.

silver and hot pink ombre nails

Image – @nonaphilippa/instagram

20. Yellow and hot pink wavy nails

Dreamy waves of pink and yellow, these colours look amazing on any skin tone.

yellow and hot pink nails

Image – @peachinails/instagram

21. Matte hot pink nails

A matte nail can look so chic, and this hot pink set proves it! Ask your nail tech for a hot pink shade and a matte finish, or grab yourself a matte topcoat and DIY from home.

matte hot pink nails

Image – @sass.nails__/instagram

22. Hot pink skyscape nails with gold moons and stars

If you want to up the ante on some hot pink cloud nails, add some stick on gold moons and stars.

moon nails hot pink

Image – @risenailstudio/instagram

23. Sparkle shimmery hot pink round nails

Want to create super shimmery shiny nails like the mani below? Get yourself some @holotaco polish in the shade Life in Plastic (the perfect Barbie shade).

sparkle hot pink round nails

Image – @lolo.nailedit/instagram

24. Dip powder hot pink nails

Do you know what dip powder nails are? This finish involves dipping each finger into an acrylic-coloured powder, then painting on an activator polish as a top coat that cures in the air.

hot pink dip powder nails

Image – @simplisticsarah/instagram

25. Jelly hot pink cloud nails

This mani was created using Apres XL Sculpted Coffin Gel-X Nail Extensions, and GlammedBeauty has a seriously *amazing* tutorial for them here – it’s a really good video to learn how to paint clouds on your nails like a pro, too.

hot pink cloud nails

Image – GlammedBeauty/YouTube

26. Hot pink nails with silver crystals

The Nail Company has sooo many rhinestones available, you can create all kinds of masterpieces with some crystals and glue!

hot pink nails with crystals

Image – @coco__nicole/instagram

27. Simple hot pink nails

It’s impossible to go wrong with a set of short and natural hot pink nails – how good do these look by the pool?

simple hot pink nails

Image – @jessicawashick/instagram

28. Abstract hot pink groovy letters nails

Paint what you want to say! This set uses The Gel Bottle in the shades Carries Cosmo, Princess, Pink Lady and Stiletto.

hot pink abstract letters nails

Image –

29. Shades of hot pink French tip nails with gold accents

Five shades of pink with gold accents is the perfect dreamy mani. Gold looks great with any shade of pink, and you can create accents using a dotter and gold nail polish, glitters, shimmers or gems.

hot pink and gold nails

Image – @phoebesummernails/instagram

30. Clear nails with sparkly hot pink and baby blue stars

This mani combines the hot pink trend with the stars we’ve been seeing all over fingertips on Insta and TikTok!

Use Sally Hansen’s polishes in the shades The Queens Velvet, Glos-sea, & Extrava-grey for a simple but sparkling star moment.

pink blue nails

Image – @overglowedit/instagram

The takeaway

Whether you prefer a glossy finish, cool nail art, French tips with a twist, or a classic matte look, hot pink nails can effortlessly elevate your look and add a pop of colour to any occasion or outfit.

Much like the Barbiecore/pink trend that came along with the Barbie Movie, hot pink nails are going to be around for a while – and now you’ve got 30 hot designs to get you through it!

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