Taylor Swift and NFL Star Travis Kelce Join Festive Christmas Party with Patrick and Brittany Mahomes

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift celebrated the holidays early by attending Patrick and Brittany Mahomes’ happy party on Friday night.

The Mahomes wore similar reindeer onesies for what appeared to be the Kansas City “Miracle on Main Street” event, which features “pictures with Santa, raffle prizes, vendors, dance performances, and the lighting of the Mayor’s Christmas Tree.”

The tight end and his fiancée had on matching green onesies with ornament decorations on them, resembling Christmas trees. Blake Bell, a teammate, and his wife Lyndsay attended the festivities as well.

Although Swift and Kelce were not visible in any photos from the Friday night event, onlookers caught sight of the power couple, and a photo of the music sensation went viral on social media.

They didn’t look dressed up, in contrast to Patrick and Brittany Mahomes, who held hands while posing in their antler-adorned attire.

Taylor Swift chats to new pal Brittany Mahomes at the charity holiday party in Kansas City

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes wore matching reindeer onesies in an Instagram photo

In an Instagram picture, Patrick and Brittany Mahomes were dressed alike in reindeer onesies.

Brittany posted a picture of herself on Instagram with the message, “Falalalalalalalalalala,” and a Christmas tree emoji.

The two were also seen together with Patrick’s teammate Bell and his wife Lyndsay in another photo.

Mahomes, Bell, and Kelce, along with the rest of the Chiefs squad, landed in Wisconsin on Saturday afternoon in anticipation of their Sunday game against the Green Bay Packers.

Swift rushed to meet her fiancé in Kansas City after the South American leg of her Eras Tour concluded earlier this week.

The singer of “August” is also expected to attend this weekend’s Chiefs game against the Packers in Green Bay.

The details were revealed by Packers coach Matt LaFleur at his press conference on Friday.

“It is what it is.” LaFleur said, “I guess it comes with it,” in response to a question on Swift on Friday. Is she supposed to be here? That’s what I’ve been informed. So let’s observe and wait.

They also posed for pictures with Patrick's teammate Blake Bell and his wife Lyndsay

They also posed for pictures with Patrick’s teammate Blake Bell and his wife Lyndsay

Swift is now expected to be in attendance for the Chiefs' trip to the Packers on Sunday

Swift is now anticipated to attend Sunday’s Chiefs game against the Packers.

That’s only a small portion of it; the game is our main priority. But if she does turn up, I’m sure there will be some irate spectators.

The pop sensation’s next “Eras” tour dates aren’t until February, so she’ll be taking a vacation from touring.

She became a regular at Kelce’s games when they revealed their connection to the public in September. She attended four games, all of which were Chiefs victories.

It will be her first game since October 22 if she does, in fact, attend Kansas City’s game against the Packers.

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