Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's relationship behind their viral appearances

Mối quan hệ của Taylor Swift và Travis Kelce đằng sau những lần xuất hiện gây sốt- Ảnh 1.
Since announcing their relationship last year, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have continuously become the center of attention

Along with the heat of The Eras Tour , Taylor Swift’s relationship with her boyfriend continuously became the focus of attention from the media as well as international fans. Their love story received even more attention when Travis Kelce continuously appeared in his lover’s performances, showing absolute support for his “other half”. A source close to this famous couple revealed in the latest issue of People magazine that their relationship is very sweet. “They are really, really happy when they are together. They are both serious about the other person and this relationship gives them a really different feeling,” this person revealed.

The magazine’s source added: “They are happy together and everything is going very well. Their friends find it funny because at first everyone wondered if this couple had anything in common.” to bond, but then they realize how similar they are both tend to express their emotions and give their all in everything they do, whether it’s in terms of career, family or life. friend”.

Mối quan hệ của Taylor Swift và Travis Kelce đằng sau những lần xuất hiện gây sốt- Ảnh 2.
Taylor Swift always supports her boyfriend in competitions
Mối quan hệ của Taylor Swift và Travis Kelce đằng sau những lần xuất hiện gây sốt- Ảnh 3.
Travis Kelce also cheered and supported his lover while she was busy with her world tour

Currently, Taylor Swift is busy with the European leg of The Eras Tour and Travis Kelce has a schedule in the US. However, they always arrange time for each other and openly support each other’s passions and careers.

If at the end of 2023 and early 2024, fans saw the owner of the hit Lover constantly appearing in the stands to cheer for her boyfriend in important matches, then in the past few months, fans have seen the football star. He constantly flies to many foreign cities to watch his girlfriend’s performances. On June 23, Travis Kelce appeared on stage with Taylor Swift when the 8X singer performed in London (UK) and accompanied his lover in a performance. On June 30, the NFL star also attended singer Cruel Summer ‘s concert in Dublin (Ireland) even though he still attended his teammate’s wedding in California (USA) the night before.

Mối quan hệ của Taylor Swift và Travis Kelce đằng sau những lần xuất hiện gây sốt- Ảnh 4.
Their sweet, memorable moments continuously caught the lens of the media as well as fans, spread widely and caused a fever on social networks as well as “coverage” all over the newspaper.

In a conversation broadcast on July 3, Travis Kelce mentioned the possibility of going on stage with his girlfriend. The famous soccer player thanked his lover for letting him jump on stage with the female singer and expressed: “Who knows, maybe it won’t be the last time. You guys will have to keep appearing. now at The Eras Tour to see if I’ll be on stage again.”

Taylor Swift continues to focus on The Eras Tour until the end of the year. As for Travis Kelce, he will be present at the Kansas City Chiefs’ training camp on July 21 and the team will play the first match of the 2024 NFL season in early September. “Rugby is definitely still Travis’ top priority, but so is his romantic relationship. He takes romantic actions to show that he still thinks about his lover when they are apart. And Taylor will try to attend as many matches The better your boyfriend’s match”, a close source revealed to People .

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