Taylor Swift continues to “enrich” England

Taylor Swift’s upcoming 15-night series of The Eras Tour in the UK is not only a major music event but is also expected to bring a big boost to the British economy. According to Barclays’ Swiftonomics report, the tour is expected to contribute 1 billion pounds (about 1.25 billion USD) to the national economy.

Research shows nearly 1.2 million fans will attend the shows, with an average spend of up to £848 per person, including ticket costs, travel, accommodation, shopping and activities. other entertainment. This figure is 12 times higher than the average amount spent by young British people on a typical night out.

Main expenses include £206 for show tickets (up to £400 for VIP tickets), £121 for accommodation, £111 for travel and meals, £56 for new outfits , £59 for a meal at a restaurant near the venue and £79 for souvenirs.

Additionally, some fans spend extra money on Taylor Swift-themed parties and home decorations.

Taylor Swift tiếp tục "làm giàu" cho nước Anh- Ảnh 1.
Taylor Swift’s UK tour is expected to contribute 1 billion pounds (about 1.25 billion USD) to the national economy. Photo: Independent.

According to Dr. Peter Brooks, chief behavioral scientist at Barclays, although many non-fans may think spending such large amounts of money is “crazy”, for Swifties, this is an investment that brings priceless experiences and memories.

Previously, The Eras Tour created a global buzz and helped Taylor Swift become a billionaire with an estimated net worth of 1.1 billion USD.

The Eras Tour is Taylor Swift’s first world tour since 2018, since which she has released four new studio albums. After 2019’s pop album Lover, she spent the years in which touring plans were disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic writing and recording a pair of more intimate folk records: Folklore and Evermore, both of which were released released in 2020. Midnights followed in 2022 and returned to pop, with the songs presented in pulsating productions.

Billboard has estimated total ticket sales from the US tour at $591 million, although that figure is based on average ticket prices – in an era of “flexible pricing” by ticketing companies, when numbers What fans pay can vary depending on demand, so those estimates can easily change.

Ticketmaster has seen huge demand for the US tour, with 2.4 million tickets sold in one day: a new record. But the company was not prepared for the number of fans during the pre-sale period and had to cancel public ticket sales, leading to a group of fans suing the company. Swift said she was “angry” with Ticketmaster and the company apologized. But the debacle has led to debates in the US Congress over whether Ticketmaster and parent company Live Nation hold too much share of the live music market.

Hiện tượng” Taylor Swift được nghiên cứu giảng dạy tại Đại học Philippines

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