Taylor Swift negotiates to bring The Eras Tour to Asia in 2025


Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour has become the most successful tour of all time by a solo female artist, but there is no end in sight as the venues are continuously expanding. Recently, rumors have surfaced that Taylor Swift wants to bring shows back to Asia in 2025. This information makes her fans extremely happy and hope that Taylor Swift can visit more countries. not just staying in Singapore like at the beginning of this year.

Taylor Swift wants to expand The Eras Tour in Asia, which country has the most potential?


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Many sources say that Taylor Swift and her crew are planning to organize The Eras Tour in Asia in 2025. The crew is starting to negotiate with a number of countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Currently, it is still unclear which country will receive Taylor Swift’s nod. However, the audience believes that the potential countries will be Singapore, China and Thailand. These three countries have clearly shown their desire to recruit blonde female singers.

In the end, Singapore won with a large amount of money, said to be up to 3 million US dollars per night of performance. But the lion island nation is undeterred by the “Taylor Swift effect” that is estimated to bring Singapore up to 500 million US dollars.

It’s unclear whether Taylor Swift will go through many different cities, or “rewrite the old version” when negotiating a separate performance location in one country. However, fans expect that China and Thailand can win this auction, simply because the cost of traveling to these two countries is relatively cheaper when compared to Singapore.

Taylor Swift rejected Korea


What is interesting is that Korea, one of the leading powers in Asia, is not on the list of candidates for The Eras Tour in Asia in 2025. Taylor Swift fans think that the female singer Still haven’t gotten over the shock of 2011.

In February 2011, Taylor Swift held the Speak Now concert at KSPO Dome, Korea to celebrate her third studio album. However, this concert only attracted 4,725 spectators, while the stadium’s capacity is up to 15,000 people. According to some, Taylor Swift at that time was not really a famous name in Korea, not many audiences even recognized her when walking on the street.

Since that sold-out concert in Korea, Taylor Swift has never once brought her shows to the country of ginseng even though she has done 5 more tours around the world.


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