Taylor Swift releases 11th album, soccer player boyfriend gives her a surprise gift

On April 20, Taylor Swift made fans around the world “excited” when she released her 11th album called The Tortured Poets Department (TTPD) with a total of 31 songs. Taylor’s fan service was rewarded when her songs became viral and were listened to over and over by fans over the past 24 hours.

The joy is doubled for Taylor when this year, she has the companion of football player boyfriend Travis Kelce. According to exclusive information from The Sun, Travis spent 27,000 USD (687 million VND) in gifts to celebrate his girlfriend’s 11th album.

Taylor Swift ra album thứ 11, bạn trai cầu thủ bỏ trăm triệu thuê người giao 11 bó hoa đến tận nhà - Ảnh 1.

Travis is said to have spent $27,000 to give Taylor a gift on the occasion of her 11th album release

Specifically, this player spent $5,600 and $4,800 respectively to buy an 18k gold bracelet and earrings for his girlfriend. Not stopping, Travis continued to spend another 9,100 USD to buy a Chanel dress as a gift.

Finally and most surprisingly, Travis arranged to deliver 11 bouquets of flowers to Taylor’s residence on the day she released her 11th album. This “special” thing cost Travis $7,500.

Taylor Swift ra album thứ 11, bạn trai cầu thủ bỏ trăm triệu thuê người giao 11 bó hoa đến tận nhà - Ảnh 2.

Travis spent $7,500 to give 11 bouquets of flowers to Taylor

Taylor Swift ra album thứ 11, bạn trai cầu thủ bỏ trăm triệu thuê người giao 11 bó hoa đến tận nhà - Ảnh 3.

Image of the bracelet that Travis supposedly bought for Taylor

A relative of Travis revealed that he carefully researched these gifts and believed that Taylor would like them.

“Travis likes to give her gifts. Taylor likes things like that, nice clothes or quality jewelry. Travis knows exactly what his girlfriend likes. They also like to give each other gifts on special occasions, to bring joy to each other.

The last album was amazing. Travis wanted to show his support and give her gifts for this memorable career milestone. The idea of giving 11 bouquets of flowers in one day is very good and meaningful. Taylor’s apartment will be filled with flowers in the next few days. Taylor will be filled with flowers. She really likes flowers,” a source shared in The Sun newspaper.

In TTPD, many songs are said to mention the failed love story between Taylor and Joe Alwyn. Even though his girlfriend makes music about his ex, Travis is said to be completely comfortable and not concerned about the past.

Dream love story

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce started appearing together since late last summer. Rumors of the couple’s dating surfaced when Taylor Swift regularly appeared in the stands to cheer for the Kansas City team, where Travis Kelce was playing.

Despite being busy with The Eras Tour and music projects, Taylor has rarely been absent from Kansas City’s matches since September 2023. The two then did not hesitate to publicly show their emotional gestures.

During the Super Bowl in February, Taylor flew more than 20,000 km from Japan to the US to cheer for her boyfriend. After Travis and his teammates won, the 34-year-old female singer also appeared on the field to celebrate.

Taylor Swift ra album thứ 11, bạn trai cầu thủ bỏ trăm triệu thuê người giao 11 bó hoa đến tận nhà - Ảnh 4.

Travis and Taylor started dating last summer

The Sun newspaper described the couple as becoming “inseparable” since last February. On the other hand, Travis also wholeheartedly supported his girlfriend’s projects.

The male rugby player flew to Australia and Singapore respectively to watch his girlfriend’s Eras Tour in person. By March, the couple spent a lot of time together, from a joint trip to the Bahamas to watching the Coachella show together in Los Angeles.

In May, Taylor returned to the Eras Tour in France. Travis is said to be trying to arrange to appear.

Not long ago, the New York Post estimated that Travis had spent $8 million on love affairs since dating Taylor.

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