Taylor Swift was criticized as “nothing interesting”

Taylor Swift bị chê không có gì thú vị - Ảnh 1.

Courtney Love (center) in an old photo taken with Taylor Swift. (Photo: Page Six)

Courtney Love is currently promoting her new movie “Courtney Love’s Women”. In this film, Kurt Cobain’s ex-wife talks about different women in the music industry who are said to have shaped her career.

According to an interview published by Standard Monday, the 59-year-old singer said he “absolutely hates the idea” of Taylor Swift.

“Taylor doesn’t matter,” Courtney Love said of the 14-time Grammy winner: “There’s nothing important about Taylor. She can be a safe space for girls and maybe she’s the current Madonna, but as an artist she’s not interesting”.

Love’s comments immediately received backlash from Taylor Swift fans. Many people pointed out that Love seemed to like Taylor Swift so much that he even sent her a happy birthday on Facebook just a few years ago. At that time, the 59-year-old former singer wrote: “Happy belated birthday @taylorswift, a huge aspirational role model for many young women…”. Love wrote this wish in December 2021 along with a photo of the two.

However, in this interview, Courtney Love not only criticized the “Anti-Hero” singer, she also did not hesitate to mention Lana Del Rey – who, as she said, “should really take seven days off.” year”.

Courtney Love also said she doesn’t “like” Madonna and then took the final shot at Beyoncé – who recently became the first woman of color to top the Top Country Albums Chart after released “Cowboy Carter”. Love said “I just don’t like her music”.

Following Courtney Love’s comments, fans from various places took to social network X (Twitter) to criticize Love for “publicly putting down fellow female artists” while promoting a The series is said to be about the importance of women in music.

“100 years from now, the name Courtney Love will mean nothing,” one fan wrote. “No one will know who she is. But when it comes to Taylor Swift, people will remember how she was able to connect with millions of people through her music, cherish her fans, and fight for the rights of artists.”

Currently, all the artists mentioned by Courtney Love in her speech have not responded to her criticism.

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