Taylor Swift was fined for performing too loudly

Recently, Taylor Swift brought The Eras Tour to Madrid. However, here, an unexpected incident happened to the female singer after the show ended.

Taylor Swift was fined for being too loud at her concert

Specifically, Taylor Swift was fined by the Madrid Government because the concert took place with excessive noise levels even though the venue was closed. According to records, Taylor Swift’s concert created a sound intensity of 80 decibels, far exceeding the allowed number of 53 decibels for a concert. Madrid government representatives shared that they will carry out procedures to punish Taylor Swift and her crew for this incident.

As the largest concert series in history, each night of The Eras Tour attracts tens of thousands of spectators. Therefore, it is inevitable that Taylor Swift’s concerts create an impact on the surrounding area.


Tens of thousands of audiences danced during Taylor Swift’s show, creating earthquakes

Experts from Caltech (California Institute of Technology) and UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) published a report titled ” Shake to the Beat: Exploring the Seismic Signals and Stadium Response of Concerts and Music Fans ”, roughly translated as “ Shaking to the Rhythm: Exploring Seismic Signals and Stadium Responses to Concerts and Music Lovers ”. Taylor Swift ‘s Eras Tour, with tens of thousands of fans participating, has caused earthquakes.

Specifically, at one of the 6 music nights taking place at SoFi Stadium (USA) in August 2023, experts set up motion sensors 5.5 miles away from this location (approximately 8 miles). 9km). The results showed that an earthquake with a magnitude of 0.851 occurred when 70,000 spectators danced together to the tune of Taylor Swift’s hit “Shake It Off”. A similar situation also occurred when the female singer performed performed the song “Love Story” with a remarkable range.

Các đêm nhạc thuộc The Eras Tour với sự tham gia của hàng chục ngàn khán giả đã gây nên những cơn địa chấn.

The music nights of The Eras Tour with the participation of tens of thousands of audiences have caused earthquakes.

Previously, during a concert at Lumen Field stadium in Seattle (USA) in July 2023, Taylor Swift and her fans caused a tremor equivalent to a 2.3 magnitude earthquake. Richter. The phrase “Swift quake” (roughly translated as Swift earthquake) officially originates from here. It is known that not only Taylor Swift but also concerts of Beyoncé, Metallica or Morgan Wallen also create small earthquakes.

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